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diffhl not defined with vim-latex plugin #5

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Dear chrisbra,

I'm not sure this issue is related to your script, but i've come across a strange issue. Using vim-latex ( plugin your plugin throws this error during activation only when i'm editing a tex file (other files are ok):

Error detected while processing function changes#GetDiff:
line 45:
E121: Undefined variable: b:diffhl

I've tried to debug it and found out the following. Without the vim-latex plugin, during the MakeDiffs function, the diffhl variable works as expected. But with the vim-latex plugin after the diffing, just before executing line 367 the diffhl variable is missing from the buffer. I'm a noob in vimscripts so i won't try to guess the cause, but i'm sure that the vim-latex plugin does something to the buffer during the MakeDiffs function.

Thank You for your time!

Best regards,


Please try current head. That should fix the issue.


Dear Christian,

thank You for your quick response! It is indeed working!

And thank You for this great plugin! :)

Best regards,

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