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## Open items ##
- new command: AddColumn adds an empty column after cursor or after
specified column number (possibly followed by number of columns to
- Allow to set only a range of the file to filetype csv
(helps when writing text and one wants to insert some csv data)
- Add more scripting functions? (which ones?)
- wrap/shorten long fields (scopus.csv). Is this even possible with Vim?
(maybe conceal trailing and leading whitespace?)
- Better support for newlines within a column (Is this worth the
- Better syntax highlighting (last char in last line is concealed)
- add vertical folding (concealing columns)
(works partly, can't conceal single columns?)
- make plugin autoloadable (shouldn't be necessary, as the code is only
loaded for file with &ft=csv)
## Fixed items ##
- Convert to a visual table, something like this:
:VisualTable results in:
|a |header| line|
|foo |bar | 10|
|baz |bum | 5|
(works using :Tabularize command)
- Header/VHeader command should be more robust. May be use the preview
window to display the header? Does scrollbinding then still work?
(should work now)
- Transposing columns (should work now)
- add a wizard, for defining fixed-width columns
(should work now)
- Reapply Filter, in case Search register changed
(use :Filters!, should work now)
- Sum should account for different number formats
(e.g. 10 000.01 should be counted as 10,000.01 in Australia,
10.000 should be counted as 10,000 in Germany.
How can the user configure how to handle certain delimiters?
:SumCol 3 /.:,/ should use the ',' as decimal separator?
:SumCol 3 /,: / should use the ' ' as thousands separator?
:SumCol 3 /,: / /.:,/ treats ' ' as thousands separator and
, as decimal separator?
(should work now)
- When filtering, move all folded values together, so your file needs to
be reorded (and changed), but will leave all non-folded items
together. Make this configurable and only possible, when the file is
!read-only and modifiable)
(should work now)
- apply Filter negatively, e.g. pressing enter on a value, hides all
values, that don't have this value. (Maybe use <Space>, on the value?)
(should work now)
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