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0.32 (unreleased)

0.31 Jan 15, 2015

  • supports for Vim 7.3 dropped
  • fix that H on the very first cell, results in an endless loop (, reported by lahvak, thanks!)
  • fix that count for AddColumn did not work (according to the documentation) (, reported by lahvak, thanks!)
  • invalid reference to a WarningMsg() function
  • WhatColumn! error, if the first line did not contain as many fields as the line to check.
  • Rename :Table command to :CSVTable (, reported by Peter Jaros, thanks!)
  • Mention to escape special characters when manually specifying the delimiter., also detect '^' as delimiter.
  • Csv fixed with columns better use '\%v' to match columns, otherwise, one could get problems with multibyte chars
  • Sorting should work better with csv fixed with patterns (could generate an inavlide pattern before)
  • Refactor GetSID() (provided by Ingo Karkat, thanks!)
  • New public function CSVSum()
  • Restrict csv-arrange-autocmd to specific file sizes (suggested by Spencer Boucher in, thanks!)
  • Make :CSVSearchInColumn wrap pattern in '%(..)' pairs, so it works correctly with '|' atoms
  • Small improvements on :CSVTable and :NewDelimiter command
  • and should skip folds (like in normal Vi mode, suggested by Kamaraju Kusuma, thanks!)

0.30 Mar 27, 2014

  • :CSVSubstitute should substitute all matches in a column, when 'g' flag is given
  • Don't override 'fdt' setting (, reported by Noah Frederick, thanks!)
  • Consistent Commands naming (, reported by Noah Frederick, thanks!)
  • New Function CSVField() and CSVCol()
  • clean up function did not remove certain buffer local variables, possible error when calling Menu function to disable CSV menu
  • make :CSVArrangeColumn do not output the numer of substitutions happened (suggested by Caylan Larson, thanks!)
  • better cleaning up on exit, if Header windows were used
  • Let :CSVVHeader accept a number, of how many columns to show (suggested by Caylan Larson, thanks!)
  • better error-handling for CSVFixed
  • selection of inner/outer text objects was wrong, reported by Ingo Karkat, thanks!)
  • errors, when using :CSVAnalyze and there were empty attributes
  • allow to left-align columns when using :CSVArrangeColumn
  • SumCol_CSV did not detect negative values
  • make in (Virtual-) Replace work as documented

0.29 Aug 14, 2013

  • setup QuitPre autocommand to quit cleanly in newer vims when using :Header and :VHeader
  • new AddColumn_CSV command
  • prevent mapping of keys, if g:csv_nomap_ is set (reported by ping)
  • new Substitute_CSV command
  • better syntax highlighting
  • small speedup for ArrangeColumn_CSV
  • 'E' did not correctly move the the previous column
  • support for vim-airline added

0.28 Dec 14, 2012

  • new command :Table to create ascii tables for non-csv files

0.27 Nov 21, 2012

  • Better CSV-Tabularize
  • Documentation update

0.26 Jul 25, 2012

  • Better handling of setting filetype specific options
  • CSV-Tabularize
  • fix some small errors

0.25 May 17, 2012

  • SearchInColumn_CSV should match non-greedily, patch by Matěj Korvas,
  • better argument parsing for SearchInColumn_CSV, patch by Matěj Korvas, thanks!

0.24 Apr 12, 2012

  • Allow to transpose the file (csv-transpose, suggested by Karan Mistry, thanks!)
  • DeleteColumn_CSV allows to specify a search pattern and all matching columns will be deleted (suggested by Karan Mistry, thanks!)

0.23 Mar 25, 2012

  • Don't error out, when creating a new file and syntax highlighting script can't find the delimiter (ftplugin will still give a warning, so).
  • Don't pollute the search register when loading a file
  • Give Warning when number format is wrong
  • Don't source ftdetect several times (patch by Zhao Cai, thanks!)
  • NewDelimiter_CSV to change the delimiter of the file
  • Duplicate_CSV to check for duplicate records in the file
  • Issue fixed (missing quote, reported by y, thanks!)
  • CSVPat() function
  • 'lz' does not work with :silent :s (patch by Sergey Khorev, thanks!)
  • support comments (csv_comment, suggested by Peng Yu, thanks!)

0.22 Nov 08, 2011

  • Small enhancements to SumCol_CSV
  • :Filters! reapplys the dynamic filter
  • Apply csv-aggregate-functions only to those values, that are not folded away.
  • SumCol_CSV can use a different number format (suggested by James Cole, thanks! (also csv-nrformat
  • Documentation updates (suggested by James Cole and Peng Yu)
  • More code cleanup and error handling reported Daniel Carl, thanks! patch by Daniel Carl, thanks!
  • New Command NewRecord_CSV (suggest by James Cole, thanks!)
  • new textobjects InnerField (if) and outerField (af) which contain the field without or with the delimiter (suggested by James Cole, thanks!)
  • csv-arrange-autocmd to let Vim automatically visually arrange the columns using ArrangeColumn_CSV
  • csv-move-folds let Vim move folded lines to the end
  • implement a Menu for graphical Vim

0.21 Oct 06, 2011

  • same as 0.20 (erroneously uploaded to

0.20 Oct 06, 2011

  • Implement a wizard for initializing fixed-width columns (CSVFixed)
  • Vertical folding (VertFold_CSV)
  • fix plugin indentation (by Daniel Karl, thanks!)
  • fixed missing bang parameter for HiColumn function (by Daniel Karl, thanks!)
  • fixed broken autodection of delimiter (reported by Peng Yu, thanks!)

0.19 Sep 26, 2011

  • Make :ArrangeColumn more robust
  • Link CSVDelimiter to the Conceal highlighting group for Vim's that have +conceal feature (suggested by John Orr, thanks!)
  • allow the possibility to return the Column name in the statusline csv-stl (suggested by John Orr, thanks!)
  • documentation updates
  • Allow to dynamically add Filters, see csv-filter
  • Also display what filters are active, see :Filter
  • Analyze a column for the distribution of a value csv-analyze
  • Implement UnArrangeColumn command UnArrangeColumn_CSV (suggested by Daniel Karl in

0.18 Aug 30, 2011

  • fix small typos in documentation
  • document, that 'K' and 'J' have been remapped and the originial function is available as \K and \J
  • Delimiters should not be highlighted within a column, only when used as actual delimiters (suggested by Peng Yu, thanks!)
  • Performance improvements for :ArrangeColumn

0.17 Aug 16, 2011

  • small cosmetic changes
  • small documentation updates
  • fold away changelog in help file
  • Document, that DeleteColumn_CSV deletes the column on which the cursor is, if no column number has been specified
  • Support csv fixed width columns (csv-fixedwidth)
  • Support to interactively convert your csv file to a different format (csv-convert)

0.16 Jul 25, 2011

  • Sort on the range, specified (reported by Peng Yu, thanks!)
  • MoveCol_CSV to move a column behind another column (suggested by Peng Yu, thanks!)
  • Document how to use custom functions with a column (csv-aggregate-functions)
  • Use g:csv_highlight_column variable, to have Vim automatically highlight the column on which the cursor is (csv-hicol)
  • Header/VHeader command should work better now (Header_CSV, VHeader_CSV)
  • Use setreg() for setting the register for the Column_CSV command and make sure it is blockwise.
  • Release 0.14 was not correctly uploaded to

0.14 Jul 20, 2011

  • really use g:csv_no_conceal variable (reported by Antonio Ospite, thanks!)
  • Force redrawing before displaying error messages in syntax script (reported by Antonio Ospite, thanks!)
  • Make syntax highlighting work better with different terminals (Should work now with 8, 88 and 256 color terminals, tested with linux konsole, xterm and rxvt) (
  • Automatically detect '|' as field separator for csv files

0.13 Mar 14, 2011

0.12 Feb 24, 2011

  • bugfix release:
  • don't use :noa when switching between windows
  • make sure, colwidth() doesn't throw an error

0.11 Feb 24, 2011

  • new command Copy_CSV
  • Search_CSV did not find anything in the last column if no delimiter was given (reported by chroyer)
  • VHeader_CSV display the first column as Header similar to how Header_CSV works
  • HeaderToggle_CSV and VHeaderToggle_CSV commands that toggle displaying the header lines/columns

0.10 Feb 23, 2011

  • Only conceal real delimiters
  • document g:csv_no_conceal variable
  • document g:csv_nl variable
  • document conceal feature and syntax highlighting
  • Normal mode command / work like K/J
  • More robust regular expression engine, that can also handle newlines inside quoted strings.
  • Slightly adjusted syntax highlighting

0.9 Feb 19, 2011

  • use conceal char depending on encoding
  • Map normal mode keys also for visual/select and operator pending mode

0.8 Feb 17, 2011

  • Better Error handling
  • HiColumn! removes highlighting
  • Enable NrColumns, that was deactivated in v.0.7
  • a ColorScheme autocommand makes sure, that the syntax highlighting is reapplied, after changing the colorscheme.
  • SearchInColumn now searches in the current column, if no column has been specified
  • A lot more documentation
  • Syntax Highlighting conceales delimiter
  • small performance improvements for ArrangeColumn_CSV

0.7 Feb 16, 2011

  • Make the motion commands 'W' and 'E' work more reliable
  • Document how to setup filetype plugins
  • Make WhatColumn_CSV work more reliable (report from
  • DeleteColumn deletes current column, if no argument given
  • ArrangeColumn_CSV handles errors better
  • Code cleanup
  • Syntax highlighting
  • 'H' and 'L' move forward/backwards between csv fields
  • 'K' and 'J' move upwards/downwards within the same column
  • Sort_CSV to sort on a certain column
  • csv-tips on how to colorize the statusline

0.6 Feb 15, 2011

  • Make ArrangeColumn_CSV work more reliable (had problems with multibyte chars before)
  • Add Header_CSV function
  • 'W' and 'E' move forward/backwards between csv fields
  • provide a file ftdetect/csv.vim to detect csv files

0.5 Apr 20 2010

0.4a Mar 11 2010

  • fixed documentation

0.4 Mar 11 2010

  • introduce InitCSV
  • better Error handling
  • HiColumn now by default highlights the current column, if no argument is specified.

0.3 Oct, 28 2010

  • initial Version