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Don't override README in makefile

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1 parent 7967f08 commit 2aca291cd5b28d96ed62531f4283989451db9dab @TMiguelT TMiguelT committed Nov 24, 2016
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@@ -38,4 +38,3 @@ csv:
perl -i -pne 'if (/Last Change:/) {s/(:\s+).*\n$$/sprintf(": %s", `date -R`)/e}' ${SCRIPT}
perl -i -pne 'if (/Last Change:/) {s/(:\s+).*\n$$/sprintf(": %s", `LC_TIME=C date +"%a, %d %b %Y"`)/e}' ${DOC}
perl -i.orig -pne 'if (/Version:/) {s/\.(\d+).*/sprintf(".%d", 1+$$1)/e}' ${DOC}
- cp -f $(DOC) README

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