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Does not reset original 'foldtext' #18

noahfrederick opened this Issue · 2 comments

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This plug-in blows away my custom foldtext setting. I notice it gets set in ftplugin/csv.vim and then restores Vim's default value in b:undo_ftplugin.

I'm not even sure why csv.vim touches foldtext. I vote for removing it altogether.

Thanks for your consideration.

@chrisbra chrisbra referenced this issue from a commit
@chrisbra Fix issue #18 08333a0
@chrisbra chrisbra closed this

Thanks. It still changes my fillchars from fold:\ (a space) to fold:-, but I can live with that.

@vim-scripts vim-scripts referenced this issue from a commit in vim-scripts/csv.vim
@chrisbra Version 30
- |:CSVSubstitute| should substitute all matches in a column, when 'g' flag is given- Don't override 'fdt' setting (chrisbra/csv.vim#18, reported by Noah Frederick, thanks!)- Consistent Commands naming (chrisbra/csv.vim#19, reported by Noah Frederick, thanks!)- New Function |CSVField()| and |CSVCol()|- clean up function did not remove certain buffer local variables, possible error when calling Menu function to disable CSV menu- make |:CSVArrangeColumn| do not output the numer of substitutions happened (suggested by Caylan Larson, thanks!)- better cleaning up on exit, if Header windows were used- Let |:CSVVHeader| accept a number, of how many columns to show (suggested by Caylan Larson, thanks!)- better error-handling for |CSVFixed|- selection of inner/outer text objects  was wrong, reported by Ingo Karkat, thanks!)- errors, when using |:CSVAnalyze| and there were empty attributes- allow to left-align columns when using |:CSVArrangeColumn|- |SumCol_CSV| did not detect negative values- make <cr> in (Virtual-) Replace work as documented(automatically uploaded)
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