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Feature UnArrange or Compact command #7

fanglingsu opened this Issue September 23, 2011 · 2 comments

2 participants

Daniel Carl chrisbra
Daniel Carl

I would find it nice to have to possibility to compact a CSV File after I Arraged it, so that the additional spaces will be removed around the delimiters?

Would this be possible to do?


Thanks for the suggestion. I just pushed a change. Please check current master.
I hesitated to implement such a feature, since it is hard to really undo the :ArrangeColumn command.
But I think it would be good enough so simply delete leading blanks and that is what the :UnArrangeColumn command does.
(This might differ, if you had a column containing only blanks, before the :ArrangeColumn command. After an :UnArrangeColumn, this column will be empty.)

Daniel Carl

Pretty nice work! It works fine. And for me it doesn't matter if previous whitespace will be stripped away.

Maybe CompactColumn would be the better name, because UnArrangeColumn does not undo ArrangeColumn, but I don't think UnArrangeColumn is wrong.

Daniel Carl fanglingsu closed this September 25, 2011
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