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" Vimball Archiver by Charles E. Campbell, Jr., Ph.D.
plugin/histwinPlugin.vim [[[1
" histwin.vim - Vim global plugin for browsing the undo tree {{{1
" -------------------------------------------------------------
" Last Change: Mon, 15 Aug 2011 10:37:51 +0200
" Maintainer: Christian Brabandt <>
" Version: 0.25
" Copyright: (c) 2009, 2010 by Christian Brabandt
" The VIM LICENSE applies to histwin.vim
" (see |copyright|) except use "histwin.vim"
" instead of "Vim".
" No warranty, express or implied.
" *** *** Use At-Your-Own-Risk! *** ***
" GetLatestVimScripts: 2932 18 :AutoInstall: histwin.vim
" Init: {{{2
if exists("g:loaded_undo_browse") || &cp || &ul == -1
let g:loaded_undo_browse = 0.25
let s:cpo = &cpo
set cpo&vim
fun! WarningMsg(msg) "{{{2
let msg = "histwin: " . a:msg
echomsg msg
let v:errmsg = msg
endfun "}}}
" Check version "{{{2
if v:version < 703
call WarningMsg("This plugin requires Vim 7.3 or higher")
" Enable displaying the differences with Signs
if exists("g:undo_tree_highlight_changes") &&
\ g:undo_tree_highlight_changes == 1
call histwin#PreviewAuCmd(1)
" User_Command: {{{2
if exists(":UB") != 2
com -nargs=0 UB :call histwin#UndoBrowse()
com -nargs=0 Histwin :UB
call WarningMsg("UB is already defined. May be by another Plugin?")
endif " }}}
if exists(":HistID") != 2
com -nargs=0 HistID :call histwin#SignChanges(1)
call WarningMsg("HistID is already defined. May be by another Plugin?")
endif " }}}
" ChangeLog: {{{2
" see :h histwin-history
" Restore: {{{2
let &cpo=s:cpo
unlet s:cpo
" vim: ts=4 sts=4 fdm=marker com+=l\:\" fdm=syntax
autoload/histwin.vim [[[1
" histwin.vim - Vim global plugin for browsing the undo tree
" -------------------------------------------------------------
" Last Change: Mon, 15 Aug 2011 10:37:51 +0200
" Maintainer: Christian Brabandt <>
" Version: 0.25
" Copyright: (c) 2009, 2010 by Christian Brabandt
" The VIM LICENSE applies to histwin.vim
" (see |copyright|) except use "histwin.vim"
" instead of "Vim".
" No warranty, express or implied.
" *** *** Use At-Your-Own-Risk! *** ***
" TODO: - make tags permanent (needs patch for Vim)
" - Bugfix: Sometimes the histwin window contains invalid data,
" not sure how to reproduce it. Closing and reoping is
" the workaround.
" Init: {{{1
let s:cpo= &cpo
set cpo&vim
" Show help banner?
" per default enabled, you can change it,
" if you set g:undobrowse_help to 0 e.g.
" put in your .vimrc
" :let g:undo_tree_help=0
let s:undo_help=((exists("s:undo_help") ? s:undo_help : 1) )
" This is a little bit confusing. If the variable is set to zero then the
" detailed view will be shown. If it is set to 1 the short view will be
" displayed.
let s:undo_tree_dtl = (exists('g:undo_tree_dtl') ? g:undo_tree_dtl
\: (exists("s:undo_tree_dtl") ? s:undo_tree_dtl : 1))
" Functions:
fun! s:Init()"{{{1
if exists("g:undo_tree_help")
let s:undo_help=g:undo_tree_help
if !exists("s:undo_winname")
let s:undo_winname='Undo_Tree'
" speed, with which the replay will be played
" (duration between each change in milliseconds)
" set :let g:undo_tree_speed=250 in your .vimrc to override
let s:undo_tree_speed = (exists('g:undo_tree_speed') ?
\g:undo_tree_speed : 100)
" Set prefered width
let s:undo_tree_wdth = (exists('g:undo_tree_wdth') ?
\g:undo_tree_wdth : 30)
" Show detail with Change nr?
let s:undo_tree_dtl = (exists('g:undo_tree_dtl') ?
\g:undo_tree_dtl : s:undo_tree_dtl)
" Set old versions nomodifiable
let s:undo_tree_nomod = (exists('g:undo_tree_nomod') ?
\g:undo_tree_nomod : 1)
" When switching to the undotree() function, be sure to use a Vim that is
" newer than 7.3.005
let s:undo_tree_epoch = (v:version > 703 ||
\(v:version == 703 && has("patch005")) ? 1 : 0)
" Patch preview window
let s:undo_tree_preview_aucmd = (exists('g:undo_tree_preview_aucmd') ?
\g:undo_tree_preview_aucmd : 0)
let s:undo_tree_signs = (exists('g:undo_tree_highlight_changes') ?
\g:undo_tree_highlight_changes : 0)
if !exists("s:undo_tree_wdth_orig")
let s:undo_tree_wdth_orig = s:undo_tree_wdth
if !exists("s:undo_tree_wdth_max")
let s:undo_tree_wdth_max = 50
if bufname('') != s:undo_winname
let s:orig_buffer = bufnr('')
" Make sure we are in the right buffer
" and this window still exists
if bufwinnr(s:orig_buffer) == -1
wincmd p
let s:orig_buffer=bufnr('')
" Move to the buffer, we are monitoring
exe bufwinnr(s:orig_buffer) . 'wincmd w'
" initialize the modifiable variable
if !exists("b:modifiable")
let b:modifiable=&l:ma
" This needs patch 7.3.30. And even with patch 7.3.30 this may not work as
" expected. So this is experimental.
if !exists("b:undo_customtags")
let fpath=fnameescape(fnamemodify(bufname('.'), ':p'))
if exists("g:UNDO_CTAGS") && type(g:UNDO_CTAGS) == type({})
\ && has_key(g:UNDO_CTAGS, fpath)
let b:undo_customtags = g:UNDO_CTAGS[fpath]
let b:undo_customtags={}
" global variable, that will be stored in the 'viminfo' file
" TODO: Activate, when viminfo patch has been incorporated into vim
" (currently, viminfo only stores numbers and strings, no dictionaries)
" This is enabled with patch 7.3.30
if !exists("g:UNDO_CTAGS") && s:undo_tree_epoch &&
\ (v:version > 703 || (v:version == 703 && has("patch030")))
let filename=fnameescape(fnamemodify(bufname('.'),':p'))
let g:UNDO_CTAGS={}
let g:UNDO_CTAGS[filename]=b:undo_customtags
if (!s:ReturnLastChange(g:UNDO_CTAGS[filename]) <= changenr())
unlet g:UNDO_CTAGS[filename]
if !len(g:UNDO_CTAGS)
unlet g:UNDO_CTAGS
fun! histwin#WarningMsg(msg)"{{{1
echohl WarningMsg
let msg = "histwin: " . a:msg
if exists(":unsilent") == 2
unsilent echomsg msg
echomsg msg
echohl Normal
let v:errmsg = msg
fun! s:ReturnHistList() "{{{1
let histdict={}
let customtags=copy(b:undo_customtags)
redir => a
sil :undol
redir end
" First item contains the header
let templist=split(a, '\n')[1:]
if s:undo_tree_epoch " Vim > 7.3.005
if empty(templist)
return {}
let ut=[]
" Vim 7.3 introduced the undotree function, which we'll use to get all save
" states. Unfortunately, Vim would crash, if you used the undotree()
" function before version 7.3.005
" return a list of all the changes and then use only these changes,
" that are returned by the :undolist command
" (it's hard to get the right branches, so we parse the :undolist
" command and only take these entries (plus the first and last entry)
let ut=s:GetUndotreeEntries(undotree().entries)
call sort(ut, 's:SortValues')
let templist=map(templist, 'split(v:val)[0]')
let re = '^\%(' . join(templist, '\|') . '\)$'
let first = ut[0]
let first.tag='Start Editing'
if s:undo_tree_dtl
call filter(ut, 'v:val.change =~ re')
call filter(ut, 'v:val.change =~ re || > 0')
let ut= [first] + ut
for item in ut
if has_key(customtags, item.change)
let tag=customtags[item.change].tag
call remove(customtags,item.change)
let tag=(has_key(item, 'tag') ? item.tag : '')
let histdict[item.change]={'change': item.change,
\'number': item.number,
\'time': item.time,
\'tag': tag,
\'save': (has_key(item, 'save') ? : 0),
unlet item
let first_seq = first.change
" include the starting point as the first change.
" unfortunately, there does not seem to exist an
" easy way to obtain the state of the first change,
" so we will be inserting a dummy entry and need to
" check later, if this is called.
let histdict[0] = {'number': 1, 'change': 0,
\'time': '00:00:00', 'tag': 'Start Editing' ,'save':0}
if !empty(templist)
let first_seq = matchstr(templist[0], '^\s\+\zs\d\+')+0
let i=1
for item in templist
let change = matchstr(item, '^\s\+\zs\d\+') + 0
" Actually the number attribute will not be used, but we store it
" anyway, since we are already parsing the undolist manually.
let nr = matchstr(item, '^\s\+\d\+\s\+\zs\d\+') + 0
let time = matchstr(item, '^\%(\s\+\d\+\)\{2}\s\+\zs.\{-}\ze\s*\d*$')
let save = matchstr(item, '\s\+\zs\d\+$') + 0
if time !~ '\d\d:\d\d:\d\d'
let time=matchstr(time, '^\d\+')
let time=strftime('%H:%M:%S', localtime()-time)
if has_key(customtags, change)
let tag=customtags[change].tag
call remove(customtags,change)
let tag=''
let histdict[change]={'change': change, 'number': nr,
\'time': time, 'tag': tag, 'save': save}
let i+=1
unlet item
" Mark invalid entries in the customtags dictionary
for [key,item] in items(customtags)
if item.change < first_seq
let customtags[key].number = -1
return extend(histdict,customtags,"force")
fun! s:SortValues(a,b) "{{{1
return (a:a.change)==(a:b.change) ? 0 : (a:a.change) > (a:b.change) ? 1 : -1
fun! s:MaxTagsLen() "{{{1
let tags = getbufvar(s:orig_buffer, 'undo_customtags')
let d=[]
" return a list of all tags
let d=values(map(copy(tags), 'v:val["tag"]'))
let d+= ["Start Editing"]
"call map(d, 'strlen(substitute(v:val, ".", "x", "g"))')
call map(d, 'strlen(v:val)')
return max(d)
fun! s:HistWin() "{{{1
let undo_buf=bufwinnr('^'.s:undo_winname.'$')
" Adjust size so that each tag will fit on the screen
" 16 is just the default length, that should fit within 30 chars
"let maxlen=s:MaxTagsLen() % (s:undo_tree_wdth_max)
let maxlen=s:MaxTagsLen()
" if !s:undo_tree_dtl
" let maxlen+=20 " detailed pane
" else
" let maxlen+=13 " short pane
" endif
let rd = (!s:undo_tree_dtl ? 20 : 13)
if maxlen > 16
let s:undo_tree_wdth = (s:undo_tree_wdth + maxlen - rd)
\% s:undo_tree_wdth_max
let s:undo_tree_wdth = (s:undo_tree_wdth < s:undo_tree_wdth_orig ?
\s:undo_tree_wdth_orig : s:undo_tree_wdth)
" for the detail view, we need more space
if (!s:undo_tree_dtl)
let s:undo_tree_wdth = s:undo_tree_wdth_orig + 10
let s:undo_tree_wdth = s:undo_tree_wdth_orig
if undo_buf != -1
exe undo_buf . 'wincmd w'
if winwidth(0) != s:undo_tree_wdth
exe "vert res " . s:undo_tree_wdth
execute ':sil! ' . s:undo_tree_wdth . "vsp " . s:undo_winname
setl noswapfile buftype=nowrite bufhidden=delete foldcolumn=0 nobuflisted
let undo_buf=bufwinnr("")
exe bufwinnr(s:orig_buffer) . ' wincmd w'
return undo_buf
fun! s:PrintUndoTree(winnr) "{{{1
let bufname = (empty(bufname(s:orig_buffer)) ? '[No Name]' :
let changenr = changenr()
let histdict = b:undo_tagdict
exe a:winnr . 'wincmd w'
setl modifiable
" silent because :%d _ outputs this message:
" --No lines in buffer--
silent %d _
call setline(1,'Undo-Tree: '.bufname)
put =repeat('=', strlen(getline(1)))
put =''
call s:PrintHelp(s:undo_help)
if s:undo_tree_dtl
call append('$', printf("%-*s %-8s %2s %s", strlen(len(histdict)), "Nr",
\" Time", "Fl", "Tag"))
call append('$', printf("%-*s %-9s %-6s %-4s %2s %s",
\strlen(len(histdict)), "Nr", " Time", "Change", "Save",
\"Fl", "Tag"))
if len(histdict) == 0
call append('$', "\" No undotree available")
let list=[]
let i=1
let list=sort(values(histdict), 's:SortValues')
for line in list
if s:undo_tree_dtl && line.number==0
let tag=line.tag
" this is only an educated guess.
" This should be calculated
let width=winwidth(0) - (!s:undo_tree_dtl ? 22 : 14)
if strlen(tag) > width
let tag=substitute(tag, '.\{'.width.'}', '&\r', 'g')
let tag = (empty(tag) ? tag : '/'.tag.'/')
if !s:undo_tree_dtl
call append('$',
\ printf("%0*d) %8s %6d %4d %1s %s",
\ strlen(len(histdict)), i,
\ (s:undo_tree_epoch ?
\ localtime() - line['time'] > 24*3600 ? strftime('%b %d',
\ line['time']) : strftime('%H:%M:%S', line['time']) :
\ line['time']),
\ line['change'], line['save'],
\ (line['number']<0 ? '!' : ' '),
\ tag))
call append('$',
\ printf("%0*d) %8s %1s %s",
\ strlen(len(histdict)), i,
\ (s:undo_tree_epoch ?
\ localtime() - line['time'] > 24*3600 ? strftime('%b %d',
\ line['time']) : strftime('%H:%M:%S', line['time']) :
\ line['time']),
\ (line['number']<0 ? '!' : (line['save'] ? '*' : ' ')),
\ tag))
" DEBUG Version:
" call append('$',
" \ printf("%0*d) %8s %1s%1s %s %s",
" \ strlen(len(histdict)), i,
" \ localtime() - line['time'] > 24*3600 ? strftime('%b %d',
" \ line['time']) : strftime('%H:%M:%S', line['time']),
" \(line['save'] ? '*' : ' '),
" \(line['number']<0 ? '!' : ' '),
" \ tag, line['change']))
let i+=1
%s/\r/\=submatch(0).repeat(' ', match(getline('.'), '\/')+1)/eg
call s:HilightLines(s:GetLineNr(changenr,list)+1)
norm! zb
setl nomodifiable
fun! s:HilightLines(changenr)"{{{1
syn match UBTitle '^\%1lUndo-Tree: \zs.*$'
syn match UBInfo '^".*$' contains=UBKEY
syn match UBKey '^"\s\zs\%(\(<[^>]*>\)\|\u\)\ze\s'
syn match UBList '^\d\+\ze' nextgroup=UBDate,UBTime
syn match UBDate '\w\+\s\d\+\ze'
syn match UBTime '\d\d:\d\d:\d\d' "nextgroup=UBDelimStart
syn region UBTag matchgroup=UBDelim start='/' end='/$' keepend
if a:changenr
let search_pattern = '^0*'.a:changenr.')[^/]*'
"exe 'syn match UBActive "^0*'.a:changenr.')[^/]*"'
exe 'syn match UBActive "' . search_pattern . '"'
" Put cursor on the active tag
call search(search_pattern, 'cW')
hi def link UBTitle Title
hi def link UBInfo Comment
hi def link UBList Identifier
hi def link UBTag Special
hi def link UBTime Underlined
hi def link UBDate Underlined
hi def link UBDelim Ignore
hi def link UBActive PmenuSel
hi def link UBKey SpecialKey
fun! s:PrintHelp(...) "{{{1
let mess=['" actv. keys in this window']
call add(mess, '" I toggles help screen')
if a:1
call add(mess, "\" <Enter> goto undo branch")
call add(mess, "\" <C-L>\t Update view")
call add(mess, "\" T\t Tag sel. branch")
call add(mess, "\" P\t Toggle view")
call add(mess, "\" D\t Diff sel. branch")
call add(mess, "\" U\t Preview unif. Diff")
call add(mess, "\" R\t Replay sel. branch")
call add(mess, "\" C\t Clear all tags")
call add(mess, "\" Q\t Quit window")
call add(mess, "\" X\t Purge Undo history")
call add(mess, '"')
call add(mess, "\" Undo-Tree, v" . printf("%.02f",g:loaded_undo_browse))
call add(mess, '')
call append('$', mess)
fun! s:DiffUndoBranch()"{{{1
let change = s:ReturnBranch()
catch /histwin:/
call histwin#WarningMsg("Please put the cursor on one list item,
\when switching to a branch!")
let prevchangenr=<sid>UndoBranch()
if empty(prevchangenr)
return ''
let cur_ft = &ft
let buffer=getline(1,'$')
exe ':u ' . prevchangenr
setl modifiable
catch /Vim(undo):E830:Undo number \d\+ not found/
call s:WarningMsg("Undo Change not found!")
return ''
exe ':botright vsp '.tempname()
call setline(1, bufname(s:orig_buffer) . ' undo-branch: ' . change)
call append('$',buffer)
exe "setl ft=".cur_ft
silent w!
" Fix issue 2 for histwin:
if &splitright
wincmd x
exe bufwinnr(s:orig_buffer) . 'wincmd w'
fun! s:GetLineNr(changenr,list) "{{{1
let i=0
for item in a:list
if s:undo_tree_dtl && item.number == 0
if item['change'] >= a:changenr
return i
let i+=1
return -1
fun! s:ReplayUndoBranch() "{{{1
let change = s:ReturnBranch()
catch /histwin:/
call histwin#WarningMsg("Please put the cursor on one list item,
\when replaying a branch!")
let tags = getbufvar(s:orig_buffer, 'undo_tagdict')
if empty(tags)
call histwin#WarningMsg("No Undotree available. Won't Replay")
let tlist = sort(values(tags), "s:SortValues")
if s:undo_tree_dtl
call filter(tlist, 'v:val.number != 0')
let key = (len(tlist) > change ? tlist[change].change : '')
if empty(key)
call histwin#WarningMsg("Nothing to do")
exe bufwinnr(s:orig_buffer) . ' wincmd w'
let change_old = changenr()
exe ':u ' . b:undo_tagdict[key]['change']
exe 'earlier 99999999'
while changenr() < b:undo_tagdict[key]['change']
exe ':sleep ' . s:undo_tree_speed . 'm'
"catch /Undo number \d\+ not found/
catch /Vim(undo):Undo number 0 not found/
exe ':u ' . change_old
call s:WarningMsg("Replay not possible for initial state")
catch /Vim(undo):Undo number \d\+ not found/
exe ':u ' . change_old
call s:WarningMsg("Replay not possible\nDid you reload the file?")
fun! s:ReturnBranch() "{{{1
let a=matchstr(getline('.'), '^0*\zs\d\+\ze')+0
if a == -1
call search('^\d\+)', 'b')
let a=matchstr(getline('.'), '^0*\zs\d\+\ze')+0
if a <= 0
throw "histwin: No Branch"
return 0
return a-1
fun! s:ToggleHelpScreen()"{{{1
let s:undo_help=!s:undo_help
exe bufwinnr(s:orig_buffer) . ' wincmd w'
call s:PrintUndoTree(s:HistWin())
fun! s:ToggleDetail() "{{{1
let s:undo_tree_dtl=!s:undo_tree_dtl
call histwin#UndoBrowse()
fun! s:UndoBranchTag() "{{{1
let change = s:ReturnBranch()
catch /histwin:/
call histwin#WarningMsg("Please put the cursor on one list item,
\ when tagging a branch!")
let tags = getbufvar(s:orig_buffer, 'undo_tagdict')
if empty(tags)
call histwin#WarningMsg("No Undotree available. Won't tag")
let cdict = getbufvar(s:orig_buffer, 'undo_customtags')
let tlist = sort(values(tags), "s:SortValues")
if s:undo_tree_dtl
call filter(tlist, 'v:val.number != 0')
let key = (len(tlist) > change ? tlist[change].change : '')
if empty(key)
call inputsave()
let tag=input("Tagname " . (change+1) . ": ", tags[key]['tag'])
call inputrestore()
let cdict[key] = {'tag': tag,
\'number': tags[key].number+0,
\'time': tags[key].time+0,
\'change': key+0,
\'save': tags[key].save+0}
let tags[key]['tag'] = tag
call setbufvar(s:orig_buffer, 'undo_tagdict', tags)
call setbufvar(s:orig_buffer, 'undo_customtags', cdict)
fun! s:UndoBranch() "{{{1
let dict = getbufvar(s:orig_buffer, 'undo_tagdict')
if empty(dict)
call histwin#WarningMsg("No Undotree available.
\ Can't switch to a different state!")
let key = s:ReturnBranch()
catch /histwin:/
call histwin#WarningMsg("Please put the cursor on one list item,
\ when switching to a branch!")
let tlist = sort(values(dict), "s:SortValues")
if s:undo_tree_dtl
call filter(tlist, 'v:val.number != 0')
let key = (len(tlist) > key ? tlist[key].change : '')
if empty(key)
call histwin#WarningMsg("Nothing to do.")
" Last line?
if line('.') == line('$')
let tmod = 0
let tmod = 1
exe bufwinnr(s:orig_buffer) . 'wincmd w'
" Save cursor pos
let cpos = getpos('.')
let cmd=''
let cur_changenr=changenr()
call <sid>MoveToChange(cur_changenr, dict[key]['change'], tmod)
" try
" if key==0
" " Jump back to initial state
" "let cmd=':earlier 9999999'
" :sil! :u1
" if !&modifiable
" setl modifiable
" endif
" sil! :norm 1u
" else
" exe 'sil! :u '.dict[key]['change']
" endif
" if s:undo_tree_nomod && tmod
" setl nomodifiable
" else
" setl modifiable
" endif
" catch /E830: Undo number \d\+ not found/
" exe ':sil! :u ' . cur_changenr
" call histwin#WarningMsg("Undo Change not found.")
" throw "histwin: abort"
" endtry
" this might have changed, so we return to the old cursor
" position. This could still be wrong,
" So this is our best effort approach.
call setpos('.', cpos)
return cur_changenr
fun! s:MoveToChange(cur_change, change, nomodifiable) "{{{1
if a:change==0
" Jump back to initial state
"let cmd=':earlier 9999999'
:sil! :u1
if !&modifiable
setl modifiable
sil! :norm 1u
exe 'sil! :u' a:change
if s:undo_tree_nomod && a:nomodifiable
setl nomodifiable
setl modifiable
catch /E830: Undo number \d\+ not found/
exe ':sil! :u ' . a:cur_change
call histwin#WarningMsg("Undo Change not found.")
throw "histwin: abort"
fun! s:MapKeys() "{{{1
nnoremap <script> <silent> <buffer> I :<C-U>silent :call <sid>ToggleHelpScreen()<CR>
nnoremap <script> <silent> <buffer> <C-L> :<C-U>silent :call histwin#UndoBrowse()<CR>
nnoremap <script> <silent> <buffer> D :<C-U>silent :call <sid>DiffUndoBranch()<CR>
nnoremap <script> <silent> <buffer> R :<C-U>call <sid>ReplayUndoBranch()<CR>:silent! :call histwin#UndoBrowse()<CR>
nnoremap <script> <silent> <buffer> Q :<C-U>q<CR>
nnoremap <script> <silent> <buffer> Q :<C-U>silent :call <sid>CloseHistWin()<CR>
nnoremap <script> <silent> <buffer> U :<C-U>silent :call <sid>PreviewDiff()<CR>
nnoremap <script> <silent> <buffer> <CR> :<C-U>silent :call <sid>UndoBranch()<CR>:call histwin#UndoBrowse()<CR>
nmap <script> <silent> <buffer> T :call <sid>UndoBranchTag()<CR>:call histwin#UndoBrowse()<CR>
nmap <script> <silent> <buffer> P :<C-U>silent :call <sid>ToggleDetail()<CR><C-L>
nmap <script> <silent> <buffer> C :call <sid>ClearTags()<CR><C-L>
nmap <script> <silent> <buffer> X :call <sid>PurgeUndoHistory()<CR>
endfun "}}}
fun! s:ClearTags()"{{{1
exe bufwinnr(s:orig_buffer) . 'wincmd w'
let b:undo_customtags={}
call histwin#UndoBrowse()
fun! histwin#UndoBrowse() "{{{1
if &ul != -1
call s:Init()
let b:undo_win = s:HistWin()
call histwin#PreviewAuCmd(s:undo_tree_preview_aucmd || s:undo_tree_signs)
let b:undo_tagdict=s:ReturnHistList()
call s:PrintUndoTree(b:undo_win)
call s:MapKeys()
echoerr "Histwin: Undo has been disabled. Check your undolevel setting!"
fun! s:ReturnLastChange(histdict) "{{{1
return max(keys(a:histdict))
fun! s:GetUndotreeEntries(entry) "{{{1
let b=[]
for item in a:entry
call add(b, { 'change': item.seq, 'time': item.time, 'number': 1,
\'save': has_key(item, 'save') ? : 0})
if has_key(item, "alt")
call extend(b,s:GetUndotreeEntries(item.alt))
return b
fun! s:CloseHistWin() "{{{1
call setbufvar(s:orig_buffer, "&ma", getbufvar(s:orig_buffer, "modifiable"))
"exe "au! <buffer=".bufnr('')."> BufUnload *"
aug histwin
augroup end
aug! histwin
wincmd c
fun! histwin#PreviewAuCmd(enable) "{{{1
call <sid>Init()
if !exists("#histwin#BufUnload")
aug histwin
au! BufUnload <buffer> :call <sid>CloseHistWin()
aug end
if !executable('diff')
call histwin#WarningMsg('No diff executable found!
\Disabling auto commands for preview window/changed lines!')
if !has('signs') && s:undo_tree_signs
call histwin#WarningMsg('You vim has no +signs support.
\Not possible to highlight the changes.')
if a:enable && !exists("#histwin#CursorHold")
aug histwin
au! CursorHold <buffer>
if (s:undo_tree_preview_aucmd)
au! CursorHold <buffer> :call <sid>PreviewDiff()
if s:undo_tree_signs
au! CursorHold <buffer> :call histwin#SignChanges(0)
aug end
elseif exists("#histwin#CursorHold") && !a:enable
aug histwin
au! CursorHold <buffer>
augroup end
aug! histwin
fun! s:PreviewDiff() "{{{1
let s:undo_tree_diffparam = (exists('g:undo_tree_diffparam') ?
\ g:undo_tree_diffparam : 'diff -ua')
let change = s:ReturnBranch()
catch /histwin:/
call histwin#WarningMsg("Please put the cursor on one list item,
\when switching to a branch!")
let file_list = []
exe bufwinnr(s:orig_buffer) 'wincmd w'
" This is our best effort, because the line might actually not exist in a
" previous state and this seems to confuse winsaveview.
let oldpos = winsaveview()
wincmd p
let prevchangenr=<sid>UndoBranch()
if empty(prevchangenr)
let buffer=getline(1,'$')
exe ':sil! u ' . prevchangenr
setl modifiable
catch /Vim(undo):Undo number \d\+ not found/
call s:WarningMsg("Undo Change not found!")
" write buffer contents to a temporary file, so it can be diffed
if !exists("s:orig_buf")
let s:orig_buf = tempname()
call writefile(getline(1,'$'), s:orig_buf)
call add(file_list, fnamemodify(s:orig_buf, ':p'))
" contains the old undo version of buffer
if !exists("s:temp_buf")
let s:temp_buf = fnamemodify(tempname(), ':p')
call writefile(buffer, s:temp_buf)
call add(file_list, s:temp_buf)
" contains the diff
if !exists("s:diff_buf")
let s:diff_buf = fnamemodify(tempname(), ':p')
call add(file_list, s:diff_buf)
call map(file_list, 'fnameescape(v:val)')
call system(s:undo_tree_diffparam . ' ' . file_list[1] .
\ ' ' . file_list[0] . '>' . file_list[2])
if v:shell_error == -1
call histwin#WarningMsg("Some error occured when diffing: v:errmsg")
elseif v:shell_error == 0
call histwin#WarningMsg("No differences")
exe s:HistWin() . 'wincmd w'
exe 'sil! pedit ' file_list[2]
" restore old view
call winrestview(oldpos)
exe s:HistWin() . 'wincmd p'
fun! histwin#SignChanges(com) "{{{1
if a:com
call <sid>Init()
" We are using the undotree() function here, so
" this only works with Vim > 7.3.005
if !s:undo_tree_epoch && !len(undotree().entries)
if a:com
call histwin#WarningMsg("Displaying Differences marks not possible")
" Nothing to do
let oldpos = winsaveview()
let wwidth = winwidth(0)
let cur_change = changenr()
let last_saved = undotree()['save_last']
let save_change = 0
let lastline = line('$')
" holds the lines for changed, modifed and added lines
let s:signs = {}
for i in ['Add', 'Chg', 'Del']
let s:signs[i] = []
let save_change=<sid>GetChangeFromSaveNr(last_saved)
if (save_change == 0)
call histwin#WarningMsg("Can't check hilighted lines, if the buffer
\hasn't been saved yet!")
let o_lz = &lz
setl lz
call <sid>MoveToChange(cur_change, save_change, 1)
let buffer=getline(1,'$')
exe ':sil! u ' . cur_change
setl modifiable
catch /Vim(undo):Undo number \d\+ not found/
call s:WarningMsg("Undo Change not found!")
" Save buffer options, that will be reset by diff mode
let buf_opts = {}
let buf_opts['scrollbind'] = &scrollbind
let buf_opts['cursorbind'] = &cursorbind
let buf_opts['scrollopt'] = &scrollopt
let buf_opts['wrap'] = &wrap
let buf_opts['fdm'] = &fdm
let buf_opts['fdc'] = &fdc
exe 'sil botright vsp '.tempname()
" Now we are in the temp. buffer
call append(0, buffer)
sil! $d _
noa wincmd p
call <sid>CheckLines(1)
" Back in temp buffer
noa wincmd p
call <sid>CheckLines(2, lastline)
" Back in original buffer
noa wincmd p
if !empty(s:signs['Add']) || !empty(s:signs['Chg'])
\ || !empty(s:signs['Del'])
" Place signs
call <sid>InitSigns()
call <sid>PlaceSigns()
" Deleted old signs anyways
call <sid>UnPlaceSigns()
" Reset options, that have been set by 'diff' mode
for [opt, item] in items(buf_opts)
let &l:opt = item
unlet item
exe "vert res" wwidth
call winrestview(oldpos)
let &l:lz = o_lz
fun! s:InitSigns() "{{{1
if !exists("s:signs_defined")
sign define Histwin_Add text=+ texthl=DiffAdd
sign define Histwin_Del text=- texthl=DiffDelete
sign define Histwin_Chg text=* texthl=DiffChange
let s:signs_defined=1
fun! s:UnPlaceSigns() "{{{1
" Unplaces all Signs defined by the histwin plugin,
" returns a list of all signs, that must not be touched
redir => a | exe "sil! sign place buffer=" . bufnr('') |redir end
let signlist = split(a, "\n")[2:]
if empty(signlist)
" No Sings defined, return...
return []
for sign in signlist
if (sign =~# 'name=Histwin')
exe "sign unplace" substitute(sign, '^.*id=\(\d\+\).*', '\1', '')
call remove(signlist, 0)
call map(signlist, 'substitute(v:val, ''^.*id=\(\d\+\).*'', ''\1'', '''')')
return sort(signlist)
fun! s:PlaceSigns() "{{{1
let existingSigns = <sid>UnPlaceSigns()
let i=1
for [ key, linelist] in items(s:signs)
for line in linelist
" Check for next free id, that is not yet used for placing a sign
if !empty(existingSigns)
while i >= existingSigns[0]
if (i == existingSigns[0])
let i+=1
call remove(existingSigns,0)
exe "sign place " . i . " line=" . line . " name=Histwin_" . key . " buffer=" . bufnr('')
let i+=1
fun! s:CheckLines(orig, ...) "{{{1
" a:orig == 1: check Lines in original buffer,
" a:orig == 2: check lines in temp. buffer (we need a:1 here)
" difference matters for DiffDelete, since syn hi for deleted Text is
" not available in original buffer, we need to check temp buffer
" for added lines and set those to DiffDeleted hilighting.
"Check lines in original buffer
let line=1
if (a:orig == 1)
while line <= line('$')
let id=diff_hlID(line,1)
if (id == 0)
let line+=1
if (id == hlID("DiffAdd"))
call add(s:signs['Add'], line)
elseif (id == hlID("DiffChange") || id == hlID("DiffText"))
call add(s:signs['Chg'], line)
let line+=1
" Check temp. window for deleted lines
let stop=1
while line <= line('$')
let id=diff_hlID(line,1)
if (id == 0)
let line+=1
if !stop
let stop=1
if (id == hlID("DiffAdd")) && stop
" If the deleted line is past the last line of the original
" file, put the sign on the last line, else
" if the deleted line is the first line, put the sign on
" the first line, else put it on the line above where the
" deletion took place.
call add(s:signs['Del'], (line > a:1 ? a:1 : line==1 ? 1 : line - 1))
let stop=0
let line+=1
fun s:GetChangeFromSaveNr(saved) "{{{1
for item in undotree().entries
if has_key(item, "save") && == a:saved
let save_change = item.seq
return save_change
fun s:PurgeUndoHistory() "{{{1
let _whist=winsaveview()
exe 'noa' . bufwinnr(s:orig_buffer) . 'wincmd w'
let _wsav=winsaveview()
let save={}
" Not sure, why prefixing the variables with &l: &g: not works.
let save.ul = &g:ul
let = &l:ro
let = &l:ma
let save.mod = &l:mod
set undolevels=-1
exe "norm! G$a \<BS>\<Esc>"
call delete(undofile(@%))
for [key, value] in items(save)
call setbufvar('', '&' . key, value)
call winrestview(_wsav)
call histwin#WarningMsg(strftime('%T') . ": Undo history successully removed!")
call histwin#UndoBrowse()
call winrestview(_whist)
unlet! _wsav _whist save
" Modeline and Finish stuff: {{{1
let &cpo=s:cpo
unlet s:cpo
" vim: ts=4 sts=4 fdm=marker com+=l\:\" fdl=0
doc/histwin.txt [[[1
*histwin.txt* For Vim version 7.3 Last change: 2010 Nov. 18
Author: Christian Brabandt <>
Copyright: (c) 2009, 2010 by Christian Brabandt *histwin-copyright*
The VIM LICENSE applies to histwin.vim and histwin.txt
(see |copyright|) except use histwin instead of "Vim".
1. Contents *histwin-contents*
1. Contents.................................................|histwin-contents|
2. Functionality............................................|histwin-plugin|
Opening the Undo-Tree Window.............................|histwin-browse|
Using tags...............................................|histwin-tags|
3. Keybindings..............................................|histwin-keys|
4. Configuration............................................|histwin-config|
Configuraion Variables...................................|histwin-var|
Color Configuration......................................|histwin-color|
Undolevels settings......................................|histwin-ut|
Configuring the preview window...........................|histwin-prev|
Highlight changed lines..................................|histwin-highl|
5. Feedback.................................................|histwin-feedback|
6. History..................................................|histwin-history|
*histwin-plugin* *histwin*
2. Functionality
This plugin was written to allow an easy way of browsing the |undo-tree|, that
is available with Vim. This allows to go back to any change that has been made
previously, because these states are remembered by Vim within a branch in the
undo-history. You can use |g-| or |g+| to move in Vim within the different
Unfortunately, going back to any state isn't very comfortable and you always
need to remember at what time you did that change. Therefore the
histwin-Plugin allows to easily view the available states and branch back to
any of these states. It opens a new window, which contains all available
states and using this plugin allows you to tag a previous change or go back to
a particular state.
*histwin-browse* *:UB* *:Histwin*
2.1 Opening the Undo-Tree Window
By default you can open the Undo-Tree Window by issuing :UB (Mnemonic:
UndoBrowse). Alternatively, you can use the command :Histwin
If you do this, you will see a window that looks like this:
+------------------------------------------------------+ `
|Undo-Tree: FILENAME |#!/bin/bash | `
|====================== | | `
| | | `
|" actv. keys in this window |if [ $# -ne 2 ]; the | `
|" I toggles help screen | echo "Name: $0: arg| `
|" <Enter> goto undo branch | echo | `
|" <C-L> Update view | exit 1 | `
|" T Tag sel. branch |fi | `
|" P Toggle view | | `
|" D Diff sel. branch |if true; then | `
|" U Preview unif. Diff | | `
|" R Replay sel. branch | dir="${1%/*}" | `
|" C Clear all tags | file="${1##*/}" | `
|" Q Quit window | target="${2}/${di | `
|" | if [ ! -e "${targ | `
|" Undo-Tree, v0.20 | mkdir -p "$ta | `
| | mv "$1" "$tar | `
|Nr Time Fl Tag | | `
|1) Sep 01 /Start Editing/| | `
|2) Sep 01 ! /First draft/ | | `
|3) 23:01:22 | | `
|4) 23:02:57 * /Release 1/ | | `
|5) 23:05:04 | | `
+------------------------------------------------------+ `
This shows an extract of a sample file on the right side. The window on the
left side, contains an overview of all available states that are known for
this buffer or that have been tagged to remember that change.
The first line contains 'Undo-Tree: filename' so that the user knows, for
which file this window shows the available undo-branches. This is the heading.
Following the heading is a small information banner, that contains the most
important key combinations, that are available in this window.
After that list, all available undo-changes are displayed. This is a list,
that contains the number, the time this change was made, some flags and the
tags, that have been entered.
The flags can be any of '!' or '*'. The '!' indicates, that this particular
undo branch (that was probably tagged before) isn't available any more. The
'*' indicates, if that particular undo branch has been saved before (but is
only visible in the dense view). See |histwin-ut| on why certain states might
become inaccessible and what can be done against it.
In the detailed view, that is by default displayed, when you press 'P', the
undo branch list will possibly be much longer. That is, because in this view,
each save state will be displayed (along with it's save number). You
can imagine, that this list might become very long.
Additionally, the Change number, that identifies each change in the undo tree
will be displayed. The change number can be used with the |:undo| command to
jump to a particular change and the save number is useful with the |:earlier|
and |:later| commands.
The active undo-branch on the right side is highlighted with the UBActive
highlighting and the cursor will be positioned on that line. Use >
:hi UBActive
to see how it will be highlighted. See also |histwin-color|.
By default, tags that you enter will be volatile. That is, whenever you quit
Vim, these tags are lost. Currently there is no way, to store or retrieve old
This behaviour was okay, until with Vim 7.3 the new permanent undo feature was
included into Vim which makes undo information available even after restarting
Vim. Starting with Vim 7.3 it is often desirable, to also store the tag
information permanently.
There is an easy way, to store your tag information easily, though. You can
make use of the |viminfo| file, that stores states and search patterns and a
like for later use. If you include the '!' flag when setting the option, vim
will also store global variables, which then will be read back when restarting
Vim (or by use of |rviminfo|). So if you like your tags be stored permanently,
be sure, that you set your viminfo option correctly. See also 'viminfo'
(Note, Storing Dicts and Lists in the viminfo file is supported since Vim
7.3.30 and is currently an experimental feature of the histwin plugin. Since
the histwin plugin stores needs to store a nested Dictionary, Vim might still
fail reading it back correctly)
3. Keybindings
By default, the following keys are active in Normal mode in the Undo-Tree
'Enter' Go to the branch, on which is selected with the cursor. By default,
if switching to an older branch, the buffer will be set to
'nomodifiable'. If you don't want that, you need to set the
g:undo_tree_nomod variable to off (see |histwin-var|).
'<C-L>' Update the window
'T' Tag the branch, that is selected. You'll be prompted for a tag.
To make the tag permanent, see |histwin-tags|
'P' Toggle view (the change-number and save number will be displayed).
You can use this number to go directly to that change (see |:undo|).
Additionally the saved counter will be displayed, which can be used
to go directly to the text version of a file write using |later| or
'D' Start diff mode with the branch that is selected by the cursor.
(see |08.7|)
'U' Open the preview window with a unified diff between the selected
branch and the current state of the buffer. (This requires that a
diff executable is found in your path, see |histwin-prev| for
adjusting the diff-options and also for having the preview-window
automatically opened after 'updatetime').
'R' Replay all changes, that have been made from the beginning.
(see |histwin-config| for adjusting the speed)
'C' Clear all tags.
'Q' Quit window
'X' Purge Undo history
*histwin-var* *histwin-config*
4.1 Configuration variables
You can adjust several parameters for the Undo-Tree window, by setting some
variables in your .vimrc file.
4.1.1 Disable printing the help
To always show only a small information banner, set this in your .vimrc
(by default this variable is 1) >
:let g:undo_tree_help = 0
4.1.2 Display more details
To always display the detailed view (which includes the Change number and the
file save counter), set the g:undo_tree_dtl=0:
(by default, this variable is 1) >
:let g:undo_tree_dtl = 0
The change number can be used to directly jump to a undo state using |:undo|
and the save counter can be used to directly go to the buffer's state when the
file was written using |:earlier| and |:later|
4.1.3 Customize the replay speed
The speed with which to show each change, when replaying a undo-branch can be
adjusted by setting to a value in milliseconds. If not specified, this is
100ms. >
:let g:undo_tree_speed=200
4.1.4 Adjust the window size.
You can adjust the windows size by setting g:undo_tree_wdth to the number of
columns you like. By default this is considered 30. When the change number is
included in the list (see above), this value will increase by 10. >
:let g:undo_tree_wdth=40
This will change the width of the window to 40 or 50, if the change number
is included.
4.1.5 Read-only and writable buffer states
By default, old buffer states are set read only and you cannot modify these.
This was done, since the author of the plugin started browsing the undo
branches and started changing older versions over and over again. This is
really confusing, since you start creating even more branches and you might
end up fixing old bugs over and over.
This is what happened to the author of this plugin, so now there is a
configuration available that will set old buffers to be only read-only.
Currently, this works, by detecting, if the cursor was on the last branch in
the histwin window, and if the cursor was not on the last branch, the buffer
will be set 'nomodifiable'. You can always set the buffer to be modifiable by
issuing: >
:setl modifiable
The default is to set the buffer read only. To disable this, you can set the
g:undo_tree_nomod variable in your |.vimrc| like this: >
:let g:undo_tree_nomod = 0
4.2 Color configuration
If you want to customize the colors, you can simply change the following
groups, that are defined by the Undo-Tree Browser:
UBTitle this defines the color of the title file-name. By default this links
to Title (see |hl-Title|)
UBInfo this defines how the information banner looks like. By default this
links to Comment.
UBList this group defines the List items at the start e.g. 1), 2), This
links to Identifier.
UBTime this defines, how the time is displayed. This links to Underlined.
UBTag This defines, how the tag should be highlighted. By default this
links to Special
UBDelim This group defines the look of the delimiter for the tag. By default
this links to Ignore
UBActive This group defines how the active selection is displayed. By default
this links to PmenuSel (see |hl-PmenuSel|)
UBKey This group defines, how keys are displayed within the information
banner. By default, this links to SpecialKey (see |hl-SpecialKey|)
Say you want to change the color for the Tag values and you think, it should
look like |IncSerch|, so you can do this in your .vimrc file: >
:hi link UBTag IncSearch
4.3 Undolevel settings
When using Vim's |persistent-undo| feature and making many changes, you might
encounter the situation, when some of your tags will be flagged with an '!'.
This happens, when these undo-states are not available any more. This happens
especially, when making so many changes, that your 'undolevels' setting
interferes. Basically you have done so many changes, that your first changes
will already be deleted. So the obvious fix is to set the 'undolevels' setting
to a much higher value, like 10,000 or even higher. This will however increase
the memory usage quite a lot.
4.4 Configuring diff options, for display in the preview-window
If you press 'U' in the histwin, the |preview-window| will open and display
a diff (by default in unified diff format) of the selected undo branch and
your buffer. This requires however, that a diff executable is found in your
path. The default paramters for the diff executable are: >
diff -au
This means, diff will treat all files as text (-a) and create a unified diff
(with 3 lines of unified context). You can however use your own format. If for
example you prefer context diffs, set the g:undo_tree_diffparam variable like
this in your |.vimrc|: >
let g:undo_tree_diffparam = 'diff -c'
Note, that you need to specify the diff utility explicitly. This enables you
to even use a different tool then diff (but even then to work correctly,
you'll need a diff binary in your path).
Additionally, you can configure the histwin plugin to automatically open the
|preview-window| after 'updatetime' milliseconds have past without a key
press in Normal mode. To enable this, set the g:undo_tree_preview_aucmd
variable in your |.vimrc| to 1 like this: >
let g:undo_tree_preview_aucmd = 1
To disable this, simply set g:undo_tree_preview_aucmd to zero and Close and
Reopen the histwin window.
4.5 Highlight changed lines
The histwin plugin also allows to automatically highlight those lines, that
have been changed since the last save. It does so by placing small signs in
the first column:
'+' This is the sign for an added line
'-' This is the sign for a deleted line
'*' This is the sign for a modified line
This feature needs a Vim with |+signs| support, so if this does not work for
you, check the |:version| output.
To enable this feature, set the g:undo_tree_highlight_changes variable, e.g.
in your |.vimrc| >
:let g:undo_tree_highlight_changes=1
When this variable is set, Vim sets up an |CursorHold| autocommand, thatt will
check your buffer for changes against the last saved version. To disable this
feature, simply set this variable to 0.
If you don't want to have these signs put on permanently, you can also invoke
the command (:HistID, Mnemonic, IndicateDifferences) manually: >
which will place the signs in your buffer only once and is not as disturbing
as an auto command is.
5. Feedback
Feedback is always welcome. If you like the plugin, please rate it at the
You can also follow the development of the plugin at github:
Please don't hesitate to report any bugs to the maintainer, mentioned in the
third line of this document.
6. histwin History
0.25 - fixes issue 2 from github
(When 'splitright' is set, Diffing a previous undo branch
separates the window layout, reported by bootleq, thanks!)
0.24 - :ID is already defined by visincr plugin
instead use the command :HistID
0.23 - Purge Undo history with 'X'
0.22 - Display signs for changed lines
- |:ID|
- small code improvements
0.21 - more standard like help files
- make sure, the autoload script is only called when needed
(and not on startup)
0.20 - Enable storing the tags as Dicionary in .viminfo
(this might not work as expected, cause we are storing a nested
- Show a diff in the preview window when pressing P (or on autocommand
CursorHold if enabled)
- a little bit code cleanup (as always ;))
- correctly catch E830 and give an error message (reported by D.
0.19 - Make sure the first entry will be tagged "Start Editing"
0.18 - don't leave the buffer in nomodifiable state (reported by Dave
0.17 - don't hide the initial entry (for Vim < 7.3.005)
0.16 - more bugfixing. :UB throws errors in Vim before 7.3.005 fix that
0.15 - Fixed bug when no undo-tree was available (partly by Ben Boeckel.
- More error handling (when the cursor is not on a list item)
- Commenting out the entry to store the histdict in a global variable,
that should be written to the .viminfo file (but is not yet
supported by plain vim)
0.14 - don't fix the width of the histwin window
- now use the undotree() function by default (if patch 7.3.005 is
- display save states in the detailed view
- display the '!' when a state is not accessible anymore
- fixed an annoying bug, that when jumping to a particular undo state,
the plugin would jump to the wrong state (I hate octal mode)
- Make displaying the time much more reliable and also don't display
the time, if the change happened more than 24h ago (instead, display
the date, when this change was done).
- slightly improved error handling.
- prepare plugin, to permantly store the undotags in the viminfo file
(this isn't supported by a plain vanilla vim and requires a patch)
- A major rewrite (code cleanup, better documentation)
0.13 - New version that uses Vim 7.3 persistent undo features
- Display saved counter in detailed view
- Display indicator for saved branches.
- in diff mode, don't set the original buffer to be nomodifiable
(so you can always merge chunks).
- Check for Vim Version 7.3 (the plugin won't work with older versions
of Vim)
0.12 - Small extension to the help file
- generate help file with 'et' set, so the README at github looks
- Highlight the key binding using |hl-SpecialKey|
- The help tag for the color configuration was wrong.
0.11 - Set old buffers read only (disable the setting via the
g:undo_tree_nomod variable
- Make sure, Warning Messages are really displayed using :unsilent
0.10 - Fixed annoying Resizing bug
- linebreak tags, if they are too long
- dynamically grow the histwin window, for longer tags (up
to a maximum)
- Bugfix: Always indicate the correct branch
- Added a few try/catch statements and some error handling
0.9 - Error handling for Replaying (it may not work always)
- Documentation
- Use syntax highlighting
- Tagging finally works
0.8 - code cleanup
- make speed of the replay adjustable. Use g:undo_tree_speed to set
time in milliseconds
0.7.2 - make sure, when switching to a different undo-branch, the undo-tree
will be reloaded
- check 'undolevel' settings
0.7.1 - fixed a problem with mapping the keys which broke the Undo-Tree keys
(I guess I don't fully understand, when to use s: and <sid>)
0.7 - created autoloadPlugin (patch by Charles Campbell) Thanks!
- enabled GLVS (patch by Charles Campbell) Thanks!
- cleaned up old comments
- deleted :noautocmd which could cause trouble with other plugins
- small changes in coding style (<sid> to s:, fun instead of fu)
- made Plugin available as histwin.vba
- Check for availability of :UB before defining it
(could already by defined Blockquote.vim does for example)
0.6 - fix missing bufname() when creating the undo_tree window
- make undo_tree window a little bit smaller
(size is adjustable via g:undo_tree_wdth variable)
0.5 - add missing endif (which made version 0.4 unusuable)
0.4 - Allow diffing with selected branch
- highlight current version
- Fix annoying bug, that displays
--No lines in buffer--
0.3 - Use changenr() to determine undobranch
- <C-L> updates view
- allow switching to initial load state, before
buffer was edited