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Only use X for purging the undo history

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commit 1c0c59943f1b03c749d60a6833b6898c13185a56 1 parent 5099293
@chrisbra authored
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  1. +0 −2  autoload/histwin.vim
2  autoload/histwin.vim
@@ -667,8 +667,6 @@ fun! s:MapKeys() "{{{1
nmap <script> <silent> <buffer> P :<C-U>silent :call <sid>ToggleDetail()<CR><C-L>
nmap <script> <silent> <buffer> C :call <sid>ClearTags()<CR><C-L>
nmap <script> <silent> <buffer> X :call <sid>PurgeUndoHistory()<CR>
- nmap <script> <silent> <buffer> <BS> X
- nmap <script> <silent> <buffer> <Del> X
endfun "}}}
fun! s:ClearTags()"{{{1
exe bufwinnr(s:orig_buffer) . 'wincmd w'
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