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@@ -9,6 +9,14 @@ Copyright: (c) 2009 - 2013 by Christian Brabandt
+0. Contents *unicode-toc*
+ 1. Functionality...........................: |unicode-plugin|
+ 2. Completing Unicode chars................: |unicode-plugin-usage|
+ 3. Completing digraphs.....................: |digraph-completion|
+ 4. Changelog...............................: |unicode-plugin-history|
1. Functionality
@@ -25,7 +33,6 @@ you do not have |netrw| enabled, dowload the file manually and save it in the
unicode directory below the autoload directory in which unicode.vim is
By default the plugin is not enabled. To enable it enter: >
@@ -57,7 +64,6 @@ shown in paranthesis.
If you specify a register name, the message will also be saved into that
@@ -193,9 +199,33 @@ CTRL-X CTRL-G Search for the character in front of the cursor and
CTRL-P Use previous match. This match replaces the previous
+ *<Plug>(MakeDigraph)*
+Alternatively, the plugin sets up a map to <f4>, for easier generation of
+digraphs. This allows you to enter the digraph base characters and let the
+plugin convert a certain range to its corresponding digraphs. Consider this
+line: >
+ a:e:o:u:1Sß/\
+Now put the cursor on the first char, press <f4> and hit '$'. The result will
+look like this: >
+ äëöü¹ß×
+Note, that all pairs of base characters have been converted to their
+corresponding digraph, leaving chars, that don't form a digraph alone (the
+If you like to change the default map, put a line like this into your |.vimrc|
+ nmap <f2> <Plug>(MakeDigraph)
+Now, the <f2> can be used to generate digraphs from their pairs. This is done
+using an 'opfunc'-mapping (see |:map-operator|).
4. unicode History *unicode-plugin-history*
+ 0.18: (unreleased) - include mapping for easier digraph generation
+ - fix wrong display of :Digraphs 57344
0.17: Aug 15, 2013 - disable preview window (for completing unicode chars)
by default, can be enabled by setting the variable
g:UnicodeShowPreviewWindow (patch by Marcin

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