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" Global .vimrc Settings from
" Christian Brabandt <>
" Last update: Do 2011-09-15 19:01
" Personal Vim Configuration File
" do NOT behave like original vi
" I like vim's features a lot better
" This is already set automatically by sourcing a .vimrc
" set nocp
" set Unicode if possible
" First, check that the necessary capabilities are compiled-in
if has("multi_byte")
" (optional) remember the locale set by the OS
let g:locale_encoding = &encoding
" if already Unicode, no need to change it
" we assume that an encoding name is a Unicode one
" iff its name starts with u or U
if &encoding !~? '^u'
" avoid clobbering the keyboard's charset
if &termencoding == ""
let &termencoding = &encoding
" now we're ready to set UTF-8
set encoding=utf-8
" heuristics for use at file-open
" how are different fileencodings determined?
" This is a list. The first that succeeds, will be used
" default is 'ucs-bom,utf-8,default,latin1'
set fileencodings=ucs-bom,utf-8,latin9
" optional: defaults for new files
"setglobal bomb fileencoding=utf-8
" ~/local/share/vim/vim73 should contains the newest runtime files
" Always have ~/.vim at first position.
"set rtp-=~/.vim
"set rtp^=/home/chrisbra/local/share/vim/vim73/
set rtp^=~/.vim
" allow switching of buffers without having to save them
set hidden
" when joining, prevent inserting an extra space before a .?!
set nojoinspaces
" vi compatible, set $ to line end, when chaning text
set cpo+=$
" Turn on filetype detection plugin and indent for specific
if exists(":filetype") == 2
filetype plugin indent on
" Always turn syntax highlighting on
if has("syntax")
syntax on
" Tweak timeouts, because the default is too conservative
" This setting is taken from :h 'ttimeoutlen'
set timeout timeoutlen=3000 ttimeoutlen=100
" Turn on: auto-indent, ruler, show current mode,
" showmatching brackets, show additional info,
" show always status line
set ai ruler showmode showmatch wildmenu showcmd ls=2
" Search options: ignore case, increment search, no highlight, smart case
" nostartofline option
set ic incsearch hlsearch smartcase nostartofline
" show partial lines
set display+=lastline
"whichwrap those keys move the cursor to the next line if at the end of the
set ww=<,>,h,l
" when using :scrollbind, also bind scrolling horizontally
set scrollopt+=hor
" Use of a .viminfo file
"set viminfo=%,!,'50,\"100,:100
set viminfo=!,'50,\"100,:100
" Commandline Completion
set wildmode=list:longest,longest:full
" Enable file modelines
set modelines=1
" Format options: see :h fo-table
" set fo=tcqrn
" Tabstop options
" one tab indents by 8 spaces (this is the default for most display utilities)
" and so it will look like the same
set ts=8
" softtabstops make you feel, a tab is 4 spaces wide, instead the default
" 8. This means display utilities will still see 8 character wide tabs,
" while in vim, a tab looks like 4 characters
set softtabstop=4
" the amount to indent when using ">>" or autoindent.
set shiftwidth=4
" round indent to multiple of 'sw'
set shiftround
" Set backspace (BS) mode: eol,indent,start
set bs=2
" Display a `+' for wrapped lines
set sbr=+
" Set shell
set sh=zsh
" Numberformat to use, unsetting bascially only allows decimal
" octal and hex may make trouble if tried to increment/decrement
" certain numberformats
" (e.g. 007 will be incremented to 010, because vim thinks its octal)
set nrformats=
" Keyword completion
" set dictionary. Press <CTRL>X <CTRL> K for looking up
" use german words, see debian package `wngerman'
" set dictionary=/usr/share/dict/ngerman
set dictionary=/usr/share/dict/words
"au FileType mail so ~/.vim/mail.vim
"au FileType tex so ~/.vim/latex.vim
if has("autocmd")
au BufRead changes nmap ,cb o<CR>chrisbra, <ESC>:r!LC_ALL='' date<CR>kJo-
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.csv setf csv
" ------------------------------------------------------
set laststatus=2
if has("statusline")
set statusline=
set statusline+=%-3.3n\ " buffer number
set statusline+=%f\ " file name
set statusline+=%h%m%r%w " flags
set statusline+=\[%{strlen(&ft)?&ft:'none'}, " filetype
" set statusline+=%{&encoding}, " encoding
set statusline+=%{(&fenc==\"\"?&enc:&fenc)},
set statusline+=%{&fileformat} " file format
set statusline+=%{(&bomb?\",BOM\":\"\")}] " BOM
set statusline+=%= " right align
"set statusline+=0x%-8B\ " current char
set statusline+=%-10.(%l,%c%V%)\ %p%% " offset
"set statusline=%<%f\ %h%m%r%=%k[%{(&fenc\ ==\ \"\"?&enc:&fenc).(&bomb?\",BOM\":\"\")}]\ %-12.(%l,%c%V%)\ %P
" Using Putty for scp on Windows on Windows
if ($OS =~"Windows")
let g:netrw_scp_cmd="\"c:\\Program Files\\PuTTY\\pscp.exe\" -q -batch"
" GnupgSymmetric:
" see:
" De- and Encrypting Files synchroneously using GPG
"source ~/.vim/gnupg-symmetric.vim
" PotWiki:
" A Vim Script to create a wiki using plaintext files
" see :h potwiki
"let potwiki_dir = "$HOME/Wiki/"
if has("syntax")
" Matching of IP-Addresses Highlight in yellow
highlight ipaddr term=bold ctermfg=yellow guifg=yellow
" highlight ipaddr ctermbg=green guibg=green
match ipaddr /\(\(25\_[0-5]\|2\_[0-4]\_[0-9]\|\_[01]\?\_[0-9]\_[0-9]\?\)\.\)\{3\}\(25\_[0-5]\|2\_[0-4]\_[0-9]\|\_[01]\?\_[0-9]\_[0-9]\?\)/
" This will highlight the line on which
" a search pattern matches.
"au CursorHold * if getline('.') =~ @/ | exe 'match LineNr /\%' . line(".") . 'l.*/' | else | match | endif
"set updatetime=20
" Vim 7 Features
if version >= 700
" Minibuffexplorer: is not needed, as vim 7 provides tabbing
" therefore diabling it:
let loaded_minibufexplorer=1
" Disbale vimspell (was needed for spellchecking in versions < 7)
let loaded_vimspell=1
" Enable autoinstalling the newest Plugins using GetLatextVimScripts
let g:GetLatestVimScripts_allowautoinstall=1
" Change the disturbing pink color for omnicompletion
hi Pmenu guibg=DarkRed
set spellfile=~/.vim/spellfile.add
" change language - get spell files from
" cd ~/.vim/spell && wget
" change to german:
set spelllang=de,en
" set maximum number of suggestions listed to top 10 items
set sps=best,10
" highlight matching parens:
" Default for matchpairs: (:),[:],{:},<:>
set matchpairs+=<:>
highlight MatchParen term=reverse ctermbg=7 guibg=cornsilk
" What to display in the Tabline
set tabline=%!MyTabLine()
" Define :E for opening a new file in a new tab
command! -nargs=* -complete=file E :tabnew <args>
" Minibufferexplorer:
" see:
" Used to display the several different files in a small top windows
" like tabbing in firefox
" First enable mapping Control+Vim Direction keys [hkjl]
let g:miniBufExplMapWindowNavVim = 1
" Now enable mapping of Control + Arrow Keys to window
let g:miniBufExplMapWindowNavArrows = 1
" Finally enable Mapping of Ctrl+TAB/Ctrl+Shift-TAB for cycling between
" the files
let g:miniBufExplMapCTabSwitchBufs = 1
" There is a bug in vim, to not always show up with syntax highlighting
" together with the minibufexpl Script. This can be circumvented by:
let g:miniBufExplForceSyntaxEnable = 1
" Mappings for Minibufexpl
" switch to next buffer
" nmap <C-j> :MBEbn<CR>
nmap Oc :MBEbn<CR>
" switch to previous buffer
" nmap <C-k> :MBEbp<CR>
nmap Od :MBEbp<CR>
" The following Plugins need a vim version > 700
" NERD Commenter
let loaded_nerd_comments = 1
" genutils
let loaded_genutils = 1
" lookupfile
let g:loaded_lookupfile = 1
" undo_tags
let loaded_undo_tag=1
" yankring
let loaded_yankring = 30
" vcscommand
let loaded_VCSCommand = 1
if version >= 600
" Folding:
" This works only with vim > 6
set foldenable
set foldmethod=marker
set foldlevel=1
"set foldcolumn=1
if (&term =~ '^screen')
"if expand("$COLORTERM") !~ 'rxvt'
set t_Co=256
" set t_Co=88
" set title for screen
" VimTip #1126
" set t_ts=k t_fs=\\ title
set title
set t_ts=k
set t_fs=\
let &titleold = fnamemodify(&shell, ":t")
set titlelen=15
" set information for title in screen (see :h 'statusline')
set titlestring=%t%=%<%(\ %{&encoding},[%{&modified?'+':'-'}],%p%%%)
com! -complete=help -nargs=+ H :!screen -t 'Vim-help' vim -c 'help <args>' -c 'only'
elseif (&term =~ 'putty\|xterm-256\|xterm-color')
" Let's have 256 Colors. That rocks!
" Putty and screen are aware of 256 Colors on recent systems
set t_Co=256 title
"let &titleold = fnamemodify(&shell, ":t")
"set t_AB=^[[48;5;%dm
"set t_AF=^[[38;5;%dm
elseif ($TERM == 'xterm' && $COLORTERM == 'gnome-terminal')
set t_Co=256 title term=xterm-256color
" Set a color scheme. I especially like
" desert and darkblue
if (&t_Co == 256) || (&t_Co == 88)
if exists("$COLORTERM") && expand("$COLORTERM") =~ "rxvt"
"set t_Co=88
colorscheme elflord
colorscheme desert256
"colorscheme desert
" Highlight of Search items is broken in desert256
" so fix that
"hi Search ctermfg=0 ctermbg=159
colorscheme desert
" console vim has usually a dark background,
" while in gvim I usually use a light background
"if has("gui_running")
" set bg=light
" set bg=dark
" In Diff-Mode turn off Syntax highlighting
if &diff | syntax off | endif
" Set the tags file
"set tags=~/tags
if has('cscope')
set cscopetag cscopeverbose
if has('quickfix')
set cscopequickfix=s-,c-,d-,i-,t-,e-
" cnoreabbrev csa cs add
" cnoreabbrev csf cs find
" cnoreabbrev csk cs kill
" cnoreabbrev csr cs reset
" cnoreabbrev css cs show
" cnoreabbrev csh cs help
cnoreabbrev <expr> csa
\ ((getcmdtype() == ':' && getcmdpos() <= 4)? 'cs add' : 'csa')
cnoreabbrev <expr> csf
\ ((getcmdtype() == ':' && getcmdpos() <= 4)? 'cs find' : 'csf')
cnoreabbrev <expr> csk
\ ((getcmdtype() == ':' && getcmdpos() <= 4)? 'cs kill' : 'csk')
cnoreabbrev <expr> csr
\ ((getcmdtype() == ':' && getcmdpos() <= 4)? 'cs reset' : 'csr')
cnoreabbrev <expr> css
\ ((getcmdtype() == ':' && getcmdpos() <= 4)? 'cs show' : 'css')
cnoreabbrev <expr> csh
\ ((getcmdtype() == ':' && getcmdpos() <= 4)? 'cs help' : 'csh')
let $VIMSRC='/home/chrisbra/code/vim'
command! -nargs=0 Cscope cs add $VIMSRC/src/cscope.out $VIMSRC/src
if has('persistent_undo')
set undofile
" Add ellipsis … to the digraphs
" this overwrite the default, but my current font won't display that
" letter anyway ;)
digraphs .3 8230
if &encoding == "utf-8"
" set listchars=eol:$,trail:·,tab:>>·,extends:>,precedes:<
"set listchars=eol:$,trail:-,tab:>-,extends:>,precedes:<,conceal:+
exec "set listchars=nbsp:\u2423,conceal:\u22ef,tab:\u2595\u2014,trail:\u02d1,precedes:\u2026,extends:\u2026"
" Special characters that will be shown, when set list is on
set listchars=eol:$,trail:-,tab:>-,extends:>,precedes:<,conceal:+
" experimental Setting to force 8 colors mode when this variable is set
if expand("$TEST8COLORTERM")=='1'
set t_Co=8
colors default
" source local .vimrc
" This is potentialy dangerous
"fu! LocalVimrc()
" if filereadable(expand("%:p:h")."/.vimrc")
" source %:p:h/.vimrc
" endif
" Insert external vim sources
source ~/.vim/mapping.vim
" The next script is not needed anymore, since I am now using
" vimspell:
"source ~/.vim/spelling.vim
source ~/.vim/functions.vim
" Boxquotes
source ~/.vim/boxquotes.vim
" For abbreviations read in the following file:
source ~/.vim/abbrev.vim
" 2html setting:
let html_whole_filler=1
" source matchit
ru macros/matchit.vim
" experimental and debug settings
" (possibly not even available in vanilla vim)
source ~/.vim/experimental.vim
" In case /tmp get's clean out, make a new tmp directory for vim:
command! Mktmpdir call mkdir(fnamemodify(tempname(),":p:h"),"",0700)
" if ctag or cscope open a file that is already opened elsewhere, make sure to
" open it in Read-Only Mode
if exists("##SwapExists")
autocmd SwapExists * if v:swapcommand =~ '^:ta\%[g] \|^\d\+G$' | let v:swapchoice='o' | endif
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