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stonebear is a build and deployment tool targeted for web-developers.

To get started, check the Installation Instructions.

After that, you can take a look at stonebear --help and man stonebear, and then check our Guide to using stonebear.

Note that stonebear is still in heavy development, and we haven't even reached the version 1.0 yet. Stuff may break and something might not work as expected all the time. Usually, though, you should be good to go, but now you have been warned.

Reporting bugs

If you find any bugs and experience any unexpected behavior while using stonebear, you may file a bug in our bug tracker. While filing your bug report, your should take the time to provide all the information needed for others to understand your problem and possibly re-create it. This is essential to finding a solution to the problem. Allan McRae's has written an amazing article on the subject: How To File A Bug Report.


Contributions to stonebear are very welcome! Just fork stonebear, make your change, git commit your-change, git push and then open a pull request.