LabVIEW VIs for the OpenMV Camera
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LabVIEW VIs for the OpenMV Camera

This is some simple code that lets you use LabVIEW to talk to the OpenMV Camera by generating python code and then sending it down to the camera. Simply unzip this in your user.lib folder in LabVIEW, get rid of the _master part of the folder name, restart LabVIEW and you should have a new palette under your userpalette that looks like this: alt text

Drag the expressVI on to a new diagram and it will let you connect the camera up. The UI looks (and behaves) similar to the OpenMV IDE, with the only difference being that there are 3 areas (1) Simple, (2) REPL, and (3) Python. The last works like the OpenMV IDE. The first will write the python code for you - make a few choices and then hit connect and run (or switch over to the Python tab and see the autogenerated python code - pulled straight from the OpenMV Examples). The second - REPL - options allows you to run code live (line by line) in the Python REPL - a handy way to debug.

alt text

Finally, once you have decided on the python code doing what you want, close the ExpressVI and connect it up to the other VIs that will let you read the camera or any data you "print" in your Python code. The image comes across as a LabVIEW picture display cluster.

So your final code might look like:

alt text