A basic calculator written with elm-lang.
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A basic calculator written with elm-lang.


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This app was thrown together pretty quickly for a weekend project and quickly became a race between basic functionality and my short attention span - so maybe it shouldn't be relied upon :p.


Install elm

% git clone git@github.com:chrisbuttery/elm-calculator.git
% cd elm-calculator

# install deps
% elm package install

# build
% elm make Main.elm --output elm.js
# or
% npm run build

% open index.html


This little project grew out of something I wasn't quite sure how to do in Elm, and that was get the value of an element or one of it's attributes. It turns out it's quite easy.

I had wondered how to get a specific data-attribute from a button. say something like:

button [ html.attribute "data-value" "1" ] [ text "1"]

This would render :

  <button data-value="1">1</button>

Elm's Html package gives us access to a decoder helper called targetValue which is great for getting the e.target.value of an text input - but what about a button or a span element?

targetValue's source code looks like this:

targetValue : Json.Decoder String
targetValue =
    at ["target", "value"] string

So using Json.Decoder elm looks for the target property in e.target object and then returns it's value property. Ok easy.

So we can set up our own decoder to return whatever prop we want. So in then case above with data-value we could just have something like:

decodeDataAttr : Json.Decode.Decoder String
decodeDataAttr =
  at ["target", "dataset", "value"] string

This will look in e.target's dataset and pluck out value or whatever our attribute is called. It's pretty straight forward.

A trivial example of wiring it up, would look something like this.

-- abstract "value" from "dataset"
decodeDataAttr : Json.Decode.Decoder String
decodeDataAttr =
  at ["target", "dataset", "value"] string

-- click event
getAttribute : Signal.Address a -> (String -> a) -> Html.Attribute
getAttribute address f =
  on "click" (Json.map SomeAction decodeDataAttr)

-- view
view =
  button [
    attribute "data-value" "1"
    , getAttribute SomeAction
  ] [ text "1" ]

So once I had a few buttons rendered to the screen, I was halfway to having a calculator. :)