Zonal Hydrometeor plots comparing COSP Lidar and Radar with Obs.
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This script creates a figure of zonal cloud and hydrometeor plots comparing COSP Lidar and Radar simulator output with CALIPSO-GOCCP and CloudSat observations.

The zonal plots show cloud fraction as determined by the lidar in CALIPSO GOCCP observations, model with lidar simulator and the model itself. Similarly, the hydrometeor fraction as determined by CloudSat and the radar simulator.


Nam, C., and J. Quaas, Evaluation of clouds and precipitation in the ECHAM5 general circulation model using CALIPSO and CloudSat , J. Clim., 25, 4975-4992, doi:10.1175/JCLI-D-11-00347.1, 2012.

Model Input Variables

Unfortunately, due to file size and availability, no supplementary data will be provided for this script. Please note that within the NCL script, all IPSL+simulator files AND variable names must be replaced. The Model files listed below are merely an example of which variables are needed to create the plots.

Frequency Variable Variable labels Unit Example File
Monthly 3D Cloud Fraction cl % cl_Amon_CanAM4_amip_r1i1p1_195001-200912.nc
COSP lidar simulator scattering ratio cfadLidarsr532 cfadLidarsr532_cfOff_CanAM4_amip_r1i1p1_200801-200912.n
COSP radar simulator reflectivities cfadDbze94 cfadDbze94_cfOff_CanAM4_amip_r1i1p1_200801-200912.nc

Obs4MIPS Input Variables

Frequency Variable Variable labels Unit
Monthly 3D Cloud Fraction CALIPSO-GOCCP clcalipso %
CALIPSO-GOCCP Scattering Ratio cfadLidarsr532
CloudSat Reflectivities cfadDbze94


This script processes and draws the figure 'LidarRadarZonal_Metrics_CNam.png'