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Graduate Empirical Industrial Organization

This is meant to be a first PhD course in Empirical Industrial Organization. It is meant for second year PhD students.

Books: In theory this course presumes knowledge in Tirole:

In practice, not so much.

Train (2009). Discrete Choice Methods with Simulation

  • A helpful reference but used only in Part 4.

Topics (in order):

  1. Old things: Cournot, Bertrand, SCP Paradigm, Conjectural Variations

  2. Homogenous Products / The Simultaneity Problem: From Working (1927) to Angrist, Imbens, Graddy (2000).

  3. Demand Models: Intro and Representative Agents

  4. Statistical Models of Differentiated Products (Train 2003).

  5. IV Models of Differentiated Products (Berry 1994 and BLP 1995).

  6. Welfare Effects in Differentiated Products Markets.

  7. Pricing, Mergers and Unilateral Efffects

  8. Conduct and Collusion

  9. Dynamic Discrete Choice Models: (Rust 1987) (Hotz and Miller 1993)

  10. Dynamic Discrete Choice Models: Persisence and Unobserved Heterogeneity

  11. Dynamic Demand: Durable Goods and Storable Goods

  12. Dynamic Demand: Learning and Experience Goods

  13. Network Effects and Switching Costs

  14. Two Period Entry Models

  15. Partial Identification and Moment Inequalities


Graduate Empirical Industrial Organization



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