A jQuery plug-in to launch a pop-up A-Z picker.
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Alphabet Picker

Version 1.0.1


Alphabet Picker is a jQuery plug-in which launches a simple alphabet picker, which when clicked sends the user to a particular page, passing the letter as a parameter or in the URL hash.

How to use it

  1. Add the files (jquery.alphabetPicker.js and alphabetPicker.css) to your project, along with jQuery.
  2. Create the element that will trigger the picker.
  3. Add the following jQuery to your page, to be executed on load:
		destination     : 'demo.html'

...where .azp-trigger is a selector for the elements you would like to trigger the picker, and demo.html is whatever page you want the buttons to lead to.

A demo is available in demo.html.

Additional settings

Additional settings can be used to customise the picker, and should be added as a parameter after the destinaion option:

  • hash: Whether the letter is sent to the destination page as a URL hash or a parameter. N.B. this will only append the letter to the URL, and will not change the page. The hashchange plugin is recommended if you want to access the hash change event (default false; must be boolean).
  • parameter: The name by which the letter is sent to the destination page (default 'letter'; must be a string).
  • uppercase: Whether or not the letters should be uppercase when displayed on the picker. They will still be sent to the destination page as lowercase (default false; must be boolean).
  • topPosition: The top CSS property of the picker (default 20%; must be a string suitable for CSS, i.e. one ending in a measurement unit).
  • leftPosition: The left CSS property of the picker (default 30%; must be a string suitable for CSS, i.e. one ending in a measurement unit).

An example of these in practice:

		'destination' : 'list.html',
		'parameter' : 'alpha',
		'uppercase' : true

jquery.alphabetPicker.js contains the HTML for the picker at the top (although it is compressed). As long as class names remain the same, this can be changed however much you like. Keep in mind that the character passed to the destination page is taken directly from the contents of the li element for the pressed key.

alphabetPicker.css can also be edited to customise the picker's design. The first section, "Alphabet Picker Structure" should be mostly left alone. The second section contains definitions for colour and picker position.

Author and Acknowledgements