A jQuery plug-in which gives the user a number of customisable visual accessibility options.
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Visual Accessibility

Version 1.0


Visual Accessibility is a jQuery plug-in which gives the user a number of visual accessibility options.

How to use it

  1. Add jquery.visualAccessibility.js to your project, along with jQuery.
  2. Add the following JavaScript to your page, to be executed on load:

...where #container is a selector for the page container.

A demo is available in demo.html.

Additional settings

Additional settings can be used to customise the keyboard, and should be added as a parameter within curly braces:

  • textSize: Whether or not the text size controls appear (default true; must be boolean).
  • colourSchemes: An array of objects containing background/text colour schemes (default is an array of black on white and white on black; must be an array of objects).

An example of these in practice:

		textSize: false,
		colourSchemes: [{
			background: '#FF0000',
			color: '#111111'
		}, {
			background: '#00FF00',
			color: '#000000',

There is no styling applied to the container by default, except for the background and text colour of the buttons which activate those particular styles.

IE7 note: #vsac-controls needs a width set in order to work correctly in Internet Explorer 7.

Author and acknowledgements