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PHP/HTML5/CSS3/jQuery framework for creating a simple slide deck.
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A PHP & HTML5 & CSS3 & jQuery Framework for creating a simple slide deck

So far... the process is:

  1. Put this somewhere PHP can run
  2. Create slides in the slides folder using slides already in there as templates. The numbering system just helps you maintain an order of the slides. It uses natural sort.
  3. Alter setup.php file to name your slides
  4. Enjoy

To Do

  • Make a intro page for this project
  • Browser testing (only modern, it's a slide deck, not a public website...)
  • Get slide in / slide out to move different directions based on Next/Previous
  • Make better and more practical slide examples
  • Possibly other options for slide transitions (fade, nothing, etc)
  • Array to name your slides is kinda janky. Do slides even need names?
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