Our goal is to operate this CDN in a peer reviewed fashion.
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cdnJS Script Repository

The repository mirroring all scripts on cdnjs.cloudflare.com

We will host any version of any library. Feel free to add a pull request for an older version of a library if your site still uses it.

Libraries must have notable popularity. 100 watchers on GitHub is a good example, but as long as reasonably popularity can be demonstrated the library will be added.

Pull requests steps

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Add your library (following the conventions of this repository)
  • 1 library per pull request
  • The pull request must be tagged in the original repository (some exceptions apply)
  • include a package.json in the npm format (see test/schemata/npm-package.json for details - it's very simple)
  • Run npm test to check everything is ok
  1. Send us a pull request.
  1. If the library doesn't already provide a minified version, our preferred minifier is UglifyJS

Running the validator

  1. Install all the needed dependencies locally (you will need npm and node): npm install
  2. Run the test suite: npm test