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MusicBrainz XML Service 2 library for PHP
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Welcome to the MusicBrainz XML service PHP class!

This project is a fork of updating the
library to use the newer (v2) XML API provided by MusicBrainz

NOTE: This is a work in progress.

I've only implemented the Artist lookup so far. More good things to come :)

Original phpbrainz README:

This is an OO PHP 5 library for accessing the musicbrainz API. To search the
API, there are two different methods to access the musicbrainz API. One is a
search based on criteria such as artist name, track name, release year, etc.
The other is a retrieval of a specific musicbrainz record based on a specific
identifier for the musicbrainz database (MBID). Typically you search for
results using a release, track, or artist filter, then from those results
retrieve the specific record you want with the detailed information. There are
examples in the examples folder.
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