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Django Wagtail Feeds

Support RSS Feeds, JSON Feed, Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News. Syndication feeds come in two flavors:

  • BasicFeed - A standard RSS V 2.0.1 feed designed to be used without item enclosures.
  • ExtendedFeed - An RSS V2/Atom Feed with support for item enclosures such as images or video. Use this if when want to integrate your feed with services like MailChimp or Flipboard.

JSON feed come in two flavors:

  • BasicJsonFeed - A standard JSON feed designed to be used without content html.
  • ExtendedJsonFeed - A JSON feed with support for content html in items.

Getting Started

The latest release (0.1.0) breaks backward compatibility with previous versions of Wagtail which were baseed Django 1.x. Use 0.0.8 for projects based on older versions of Wagtail

To use Django Wagtail Feeds in a project:

pip install django-wagtail-feeds

Remember to add wagtail_feeds to installed apps in settings file.

django-wagtail-feeds has a dependency on wagtail settings app. You must add wagtail.contrib.settings to your INSTALLED_APPS:


Run migrations for Wagtail feeds:

./ migrate wagtail_feeds

Add Feed settings in the Wagtail admin

Wagtail admin
Feed Settings

Finally reference it in the

from wagtail_feeds.feeds import BasicFeed, BasicJsonFeed, ExtendedFeed, ExtendedJsonFeed

url(r'^blog/feed/basic$', BasicFeed(), name='basic_feed'),
url(r'^blog/feed/extended$', ExtendedFeed(), name='extended_feed'),

# JSON feed
url(r'^blog/feed/basic.json$', BasicJsonFeed(), name='basic_json_feed'),
url(r'^blog/feed/extended.json$', ExtendedJsonFeed(), name='extended_json_feed'),


Contributions are welcome, and they are greatly appreciated! Every little bit helps, and credit will always be given.


Adds support for RSS and JSON Feeds to your Wagtail CMS Projects




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