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A Zurb Foundation Theme for Pinax

Pinax 0.9 based on `Foundation 3`_. Zurb Foundation is a popular CSS framework that is light weight, but includes all the basics such as; a twelve column responsive grid, forms,dialog, navigation tabs, buttons, typography and so on. Zurb Foundation is not as feature complete as some other frameworks, but this may be one of its advantages. It has been argued that frameworks that provide "everything out of the box" tend to encourage the development of "cookie cutter" sites and apps. You can read more about the ideas behind Foundation and how to use it for rapid prototyping here.


What's New

  • Support for foundation 3.0


Create a virtual environment for your project and activate it:

$ virtualenv mysite-env
$ source mysite-env/bin/activate

Next install Pinax:

(mysite-env)$ pip install Pinax

Once Pinax is installed use pinax-admin to create a project for your site

(mysite-env)$ pinax-admin setup_project mysite -b basic mysite

The example above will create a starter django project in the mysite folder based on the Pinax basic project. Of ccourse you can use any of the Pinax starter Projects. The basic project provides features such as basic account management as well as user profiles and notifications. The project also comes with a theme - a collection css, javascript files and default templates based on Twitter Bootstrap.

To use the zurb-foundation theme in the project, include "pinax-theme-foundation" in requirements/project.txt. Edit the file and comment out the entry for "pinax_theme_bootstrap" and add "pinax_theme_foundation" in your INSTALLED APPS:

# theme

Inside your project run:

(mysite-env)$ python syncdb
(mysite-env)$ python runserver

Change the Site name by editing fixture/initial_data.json you can also use the Admin app for this purpose.

Your "site_base.html" should extend "theme_base.html" and should provide "footer" and "nav" blocks (the latter should just be a ul of li of a links).

Your pages should have blocks "head_title" and "body" and should extend "site_base.html".

The url name "home" should be defined as the homepage.

Upgrading from Foundation 2 to Foundation 3.0

  • pip uninstall pinax-theme-foundation
  • pip install pinax-theme-foundation3
  • remove all max-width from css sytling
  • refer to mobile-visibility on docs to see class changes for mobile visibility


See the full documentation for more details.

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