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Notificon :: Client-side favicon notifications.

Notificon is a BSD licensed javascript class for providing client-side favicon notifications. Instead of requiring a number of favicons be created and served up to the client, you can specify a label and a favicon (default being the current favicon) and it will generate a favicon notification.

Example is available here

Basic Usage

  1. Include the notificon.js in your page
  2. Call Notificon(12) to overlay the number 12 on your favicon.

Advance Usage

Notificon can take 2 parameters - Notificon(label, favicon_url) where label is the text to overlay, and favicon_url is the url of a 16x16 favicon.

An empty label will clear your favicon to its original state. e.g. Notificon();

Favicon_url defaults to your primary favicon (if specified in head, or with fallback to /favicon.ico)