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A NodeJS package for the datejs library.
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Change of Maintainer

NPM's datejs will soon be maintained by

It will based on the repo

This NPM package is a zombie.

I cannot afford the time to maintain it, as I am no longer using it.

If anyone would like to take over maintenance, please contact me via GitHub.

I have left the datejs package in the NPM repo, in order to not break other packages which depend on it.

Have a look at as an alternative.



DateJS is not working in 0.4.x+ - I'm not investigating it.


This is a simple NPM wrapper around the excellent datejs client-side library.

It modifies the Date prototype - this technique is looked down upon, but it's a very useful library.

See the datejs site for more information.


In the shell:

npm install datejs

In your app:



NPM package datejs v0.0.1 corresponds to datejs Alpha1. It hasn't changed for three years, so hopefully it won't be too much of a maintenance nightmare.

I've just included all of the non-US locales in lib - I've not written any way to access them yet.

What I'll probably do is create a wrapper which defaults to en-US, but can be called with other locales.

I am not the author of datejs. I'm just maintaining an NPM package of it, as I needed one.

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