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node-proxy is an implementation of Harmony Proxies
that allows the developer to create "catch-all" property handlers for an object or a function in node.js.
Author: Sam Shull
*** This does not work appropriately in node versions 0.1.100 - 0.1.102. You will need to install node_version.h in $PREFIX/include/node
Object create(ProxyHandler handler [, Object proto ] ) throws Error, TypeError
Function createFunction(ProxyHandler handler, Function callTrap [, Function constructTrap ] ) throws Error, TypeError
Boolean isTrapping(Object obj) throws Error
Additional Methods (for ECMAScript 5 compatibliity): @see
Boolean freeze(Object obj) throws Error, TypeError
Boolean seal(Object obj) throws Error, TypeError
Boolean preventExtensions(Object obj) throws Error, TypeError
Boolean isFrozen(Object obj) throws Error, TypeError
Boolean isSealed(Object obj) throws Error, TypeError
Boolean isExtensible(Object obj) throws Error, TypeError
PropertyDescriptor getOwnPropertyDescriptor(Object obj, String name) throws Error, TypeError
Boolean defineProperty(Object obj, String name, PropertyDescriptor pd) throws Error, TypeError
Boolean defineProperties(Object obj, Object descriptors) throws Error, TypeError
More methods:
Object hidden(Object obj, String name [, Object value ] ) throws Error
- Set or retrieve a hidden property on an Object
Object clone(Object obj) throws Error
- Create a shallow copy of an Object
Boolean isProxy(Object obj)
- determine if an object was created by Proxy
Boolean setPrototype(Object obj, Object obj) throws Error
-set the prototype of a given object to the second given object
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