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Write simple and readable synchronous code in nodejs using fibers

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node-sync is a simple library that allows you to call any asynchronous function in synchronous way. The main benefit is that it uses javascript-native design - Function.prototype.sync function, instead of heavy APIs which you'll need to learn. Also, asynchronous function which was called synchronously through node-sync doesn't blocks the whole process - it blocks only current thread!

It built on node-fibers library as a multithreading solution.

You may also like fibers-promise and node-fiberize libraries.


Simply call asynchronous function synchronously: function asyncFunction(a, b, callback) { process.nextTick(function(){ callback(null, a + b); }) }

// Function.prototype.sync() interface is same as - first argument is 'this' context
var result = asyncFunction.sync(null, 2, 3);
console.log(result); // 5

// Read file synchronously without blocking whole process? no problem
var source = require('fs').readFile.sync(null, __filename);
console.log(String(source)); // prints the source of this example itself

It throws exceptions! function asyncFunction(a, b, callback) { process.nextTick(function(){ callback('something went wrong'); }) }

try {
    var result = asyncFunction.sync(null, 2, 3);
catch (e) {
    console.error(e); // something went wrong

Parallel execution: var Parallel = require('sync').Parallel;

// Parallel function will return values only when all callbacks will be executed
var result = Parallel(function(callback){
    asyncFunction(2, 3, callback());
    asyncFunction(5, 5, callback());
    asyncFunction(10, 10, callback());
console.log(result); // [5, 10, 20]

// Associative result
var result = Parallel(function(callback){
    asyncFunction(2, 3, callback('foo'));
    asyncFunction(5, 5, callback('bar'));
    asyncFunction(10, 10, callback('baz'));
console.log(result); // { foo: 5, bar: 10, baz: 20 }

Future paradigm: // no-yield here, call asynchronously, so functions will be called in parallel var foo = someAsyncFunction.future(null, 2, 3); var bar = someAsyncFunction.future(null, 4, 4);

// we are immediately here

// foo, bar - our tickets to the future!
console.log(foo); // { [Function: Future] result: [Getter], error: [Getter] }

// Yield here
console.log(foo.result, bar.result); // 5 8

See more examples in examples directory.


install npm install sync and then node-fibers your_file.js

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