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Cannot serialize object when key has underline #20

yyfrankyy opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Key hello_world in js object need to be changed to helloWorld. weird..

But what if I have another key named helloWorld ?

message {
  required string hello_world = 1;
  required string helloWorld = 2;

Having the same issue on protobuf v0.8.6. Any key with an underscore does not get serialized.


Submitted pull request to fix this issue. #21


Currently the default functionality is to convert all assessors to camel case. "hello_world" would then be accessed by "helloWorld".


Using underscore separated names for field names in the convention in protobuf. If your schema defines hello_world and helloWorld in the same message, then you should complain to the author of the schema, because it will break the official Java implementation as well.


@seishun If it broke the official java implementation as well, then that's a problem. Language compatibility is one of the features that protobuf provides, as I known so far, cpp, ruby, python implementations are ok with this.


I'm closing this, as there's been no activity, and @seishun is right.

@chrisdew chrisdew closed this
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