Sequelize is an easy-to-use MySQL object-relationship-mapper for node.js
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The Sequelize library provides easy access to a MySQL database by mapping database entries to objects and vice versa. To put it in a nutshell... it's an ORM (Object-Relational-Mapper). The library is written entirely in JavaScript and can be used in the Node.JS environment.


  • Schema definition
  • Schema synchronization/dropping
  • Easy definition of class/instance methods
  • Instance saving/updating/dropping
  • Asynchronous library
  • Associations
  • Importing definitions from single files

Documentation, Examples and Updates

You can find the documentation and announcements of updates on the project's website.
If you want to know about latest development and releases, follow me on Twitter.
Also make sure to take a look at the examples in the repository. The website will contain them soon, as well.


In order to run the tests, you need the expresso framework! When installed just run:

expresso -s test/**/*