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Beer or Horse? a quiz game where you guess whether the name presented is a beer or a horse. If you get one question wrong, the game ends.

User Story: - user signs up name & email (no password), - user logs in - user starts quiz - correct answers are logged and user moves on to next question. x second timer per question. - incorrect answer ends the game - score is logged on leaderboard, user has option to play again.

Stretch goals: - action cable - show current users playing and their submitted scores - beer and horse button / data - bring up facts about the pub or horse. - select x from y options to make the game more difficult - add music/sfx - faker to add a false option

Models:  - User has many Questions through Quiz, A Question has many Users through Quiz (join table - Quiz) - A Question has many Beers - A Question has many Horses

Logic thoughts - how to avoid the same names appearing when you restart - score++ after each correct answer - randomise questions so correct answer changes. - Stop users from cheating - 10 second timer?

Logic Story - user sign up/sign in (no password) - home page shows each User questions.count (number of questions attempted), Quiz.all.score sort by descending (leaderboard) - start game. - New Question is generated. - 10 second timer begins - Question fetches (for MVP) 1 name from either beers or horses. (later we could add multiple selections) - Question checks if name also exists in the data store not used. - Question listens for user click on beer/horse buttons. - if timer runs out, quiz ends. - If user selection matches category of name, Quiz.score++, generate new question. - If user selection does not match category of name, new Quiz option appears on screen. - Final score should post quiz to db. - re-render homepage, fetch-get all quiz scores.


Is it a horse? is it a beer?! A quiz game by Chris Dews, Xander Johnston & Sam Barrie




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