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Port of the awesome Sublime Text theme itg.flat for VIM
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itg_flat theme for VIM

Port of the awesome Sublime Text theme itg.flat with some minor tweaks. Credit for the original theme goes to @itsthatguy (


Manual Installation

Place itg_flat.vim into your .vim/colors/ folder then, add this to your .vimrc file

syntax on
colorscheme itg_flat

Install with Vundle

Add to .vimrc

syntax on
Plugin 'cdmedia/itg_flat_vim'
colorscheme itg_flat

Then run :PluginInstall.

Transparent Version A transparent background version is included as well if you choose to have a custom background in terminal sessions. Use itg_flat_transparent instead.


All forms of contribution are welcome: bug reports, bug fixes, pull requests and simple suggestions. Thanks!

List of contributors

You can find the list of contributors here.

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