a javascript testing framework whose goals are to work gracefully with callbacks, both in node.js and the browser
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A simple testing framework centered around the thought that Javascript test frameworks should operate on callbacks so asynchronous bits aren't quite so much of a hassle to test.

Running tests

Assuming you've installed the package, you should have platoon on your $PATH, so you can:

platoon <testfile>

Or just run platoon and let it try to figure out where your tests are (it looks for tests.js)

Writing tests

This should seem (mostly) very familiar to you if you've used any other Javascript testing framework (vows.js, qunit, etc).

var platoon = require('platoon');

exports.ExampleTest = platoon.unit({
    setup:function(callback) {
    teardown:function(callback) {
function(assert) {
    "The name of this particular test item";
    assert.equal(0, 0);
    assert.throws(Error, function() {
        throw new Error();
function(assert) {
    "The name of another test item";
    var Actor = function() {},
        garyBusey = new Actor();
    assert.isInstance(garyBusey, Actor);
    assert.isInstance(garyBusey, [String, Actor, Object]);  // if it's any one of these types, it'll pass

Would be the basic example. Note the single line strings: they are the description strings for your test function. Also not that setUp and tearDown take a callback each, and must explicitly execute it when they're done (this lets you do asynchronous setup -- for instance, if you need to grab data from a server before running your test, or if you need to delete something from a database after your test.)

For asynchronous tests:

exports.AsyncTest = platoon.unit({},
    function(assert) {
        jQuery.getJSON('/some/resource', assert.async(function(data) { 
            assert.equal(data.length, some_number);

And now your unit test won't exit until the wrapped assert.async function is called.

Assertion Functions

  • ok (value)
  • fail (value)
  • equal (lhs, rhs)
  • notEqual (lhs, rhs)
  • strictEqual (lhs, rhs)
  • strictNotEqual (lhs, rhs)
  • throws (type, fn, args_to_fn...)
  • doesNotThrow (fn)
  • isInstance (obj, type | [type1, type2, type3])