a node.js framework that glues together routes, views, orms, and things. designed to help tim allen navigate his day.
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Wilson welcomes you

"Hidee-ho, neighbor"

Wilson is a framework for Node.js, the product of me spending several nights kind of sleeplessly hacking on the idea.

The goal is to bring along the parts of Django that I like, without tightly coupling them --

For instance, one should be able to choose a different (or multiple) router systems, templating systems, orm, etc, and things should still work at least pretty okay. This is a hindengoal, of course -- it changes upon observation.

Wilson should seem familiar to Djangonauts -- there are equivalents of the various shortcuts, url reversing, urls.js files that contain routes, apps, models that look (in as much as possible) like Django models, etc.

This is a WIP.

For an example app and project, take a look here.

For docs, first of all lower your expectations (and remember that this is a rapidly evolving project), and then look over at readthedocs.org.