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Commits on Mar 2, 2015
  1. Merge pull request #46 from gelisam/letters-on-android

    fix #50 on
  2. @gelisam

    fix #50 on

    gelisam authored
    jquery creates a hidden textarea, which enables Android's
    autocorrection, spellchecker, and so on. Those only affect letters,
    which is why only the letters refused to appear. I added html attributes
    on the textarea to disable those features, and now the letters can be
    typed just fine.
Commits on Jun 5, 2014
  1. @chr15m

    New method `report(msg, className)` allows external access to inject …

    chr15m authored
    …output into the console stream.
Commits on May 21, 2014
  1. @dellis23

    Auto-indent to previous line indent (#39)

    dellis23 authored committed
  2. Use jquery CDN in demo

  3. Re-indent

  4. Add uses in the wild

  5. Update README to markdown

  6. Add

  7. Merge pull request #36 from platypii/copy-paste-fix

    Fixed bug where pasted numbers get parsed as unicode.
Commits on May 18, 2014
  1. Merge pull request #40 from pakchoidora/patch-1

    Update README
Commits on Mar 25, 2014
  1. @pakchoidora

    Update README

    pakchoidora authored
    function:completeHandle  name update
Commits on Mar 1, 2014
  1. Merge pull request #38 from dellis23/master

    Shift + enter for newline
Commits on Feb 28, 2014
  1. Whoops, left in some debugging code.

    Dan authored
Commits on Feb 8, 2014
  1. @platypii
Commits on Dec 11, 2013
  1. Merge pull request #31 from nickbabcock/fadeOption

    Add option to fade on console on reset
  2. Merge pull request #33 from davidebbo/master

    Fix issue #32: single line selection doesn't work
Commits on Sep 3, 2013
  1. @davidebbo
Commits on Jul 27, 2013
  1. @nickbabcock

    Add option to fade on console on reset

    nickbabcock authored
    Gives the client the option whether to trigger a fade effect when the console
    is reset.
    README updated to reflect addition.
Commits on Jun 14, 2013
  1. Merge pull request #30 from agrif/version-check

    fix scrollToBottom() version check for jQuery > 1.10
Commits on Jun 13, 2013
  1. @agrif
Commits on Jun 1, 2013
  1. @spratt

    Merge pull request #29 from m081072/feature/customisable-ctrl-handlers

    spratt authored
    allow customisation of ctrl key handlers
Commits on May 31, 2013
  1. @m081072
Commits on Apr 29, 2013
  1. Merge pull request #27 from rosshadden/master

    Remove $.browser.
Commits on Apr 28, 2013
  1. @rosshadden
  2. @rosshadden
  3. @rosshadden
Commits on Apr 1, 2013
  1. @soimort

    No scrolling on setting focus

    soimort authored
Commits on Mar 6, 2013
Commits on Jan 21, 2013
  1. Merge pull request #20 from vietj/master

    Command completion
Commits on Jul 15, 2012
  1. @vietj

    add command completion feature

    vietj authored
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