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An old Flex3 game put on github for archive.

Still keeping the idea in mind for a freshly baked 2.0, who knows...



Welcome to Tribes and Khans. You will build a kingdom and fight your ennemies with your allies.

You start the game controling a city. Click on the bottom right button to enter your city. You choose to dispatch the inhabitants within the different resources : use the sliders to select the number of workers on the wheat, the wood an the iron.

Resources are received every 10 minutes. Use the population as well to build weapons in the forge, to build up armies and merchant caravans, and to grow up your city with buildings and upgrades. In the Forge, use the sliders again to build bows, swords and armors.

Your first land is your city. When an army stays 1 hour on a cell next to your lands without moving, it conquers the land.

The more lands you have, the more gold your kingdom earns every 10 minutes.

That's it, you know the Tribes and Khans basics !

Build up your kingdoms with new cities, be part of an ally to get stronger against your ennemies !