Who's turn is it to make a brew? Let BrewBot decide.
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#BrewBot Slack BrewBot

Who's turn is it to make a brew? Let BrewBot decide.

BrewBot integrates quickly and easily with Slack, deciding randomly who'll be making the next round of tea or coffee for your team.

Getting Started

Creating the WebHook process

  • Choose somewhere to run your BrewBot process, Heroku is quick and easy to get setup.
  • Clone the repository $ git clone git@github.com:swirlycheetah/slack-brewbow.git
  • Run the node process with a list of people you'd like to include in BrewBot's decision, e.g. bin/slack-brewbot Sterling 'Cheryl Tunt' Lana 'Malory'
  • You can specify a port number with -p or --port followed by the port you'd like to use, e.g. bin/slack-brewbot -p 8081 Cyril Pam Krieger (if no port argument is supplied port 8080 will be used by default).
  • Your process is now ready to be called from within your Slack instance.

Within Slack

  • Create a new Outgoing WebHook integration.
  • Choose which channel you want to enable BrewBot in.
  • Decide upon a trigger word or words, something such as '!brewbot' or 'brewbot decide'.
  • Add the URL the node process is running on.
  • Add the Outgoing WebHook integration, head to the channel(s) you enabled BrewBot in and give it a spin.


Released under the MIT license: opensource.org/licenses/MIT