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Worldpay HTML Redirect Rails Plugin

Copyright (c) 2008 Paul Springett [], released under the MIT license

This plugin helps in creating the HTML form for submitting payment information to WorldPay and includes methods for easily handling the callback response from WorldPay

When in development mode payments are submitted to the test page (and the testMode=100 POST parameter is added to the form). In production mode, requests are sent to the live payment page


  • Custom notification URL
  • FuturePay Support


Create redirect HTML form:

# in your controller

def new
	# set options for submitting to WorldPay
	@worldpay_options = {
	  :desc => "Store Purchase",
	  :currency => "CAD", # default is USD
	  :name => "Joe Bloggs",
	  :address => "123 A Street, Some City",
	  :postcode => "DC 20500", # billing zip/postcode
	  :country => "US", # ISO3166 2 letter country code, see
	  :tel => "000-000 00000 000",
	  :email => ""


# in app/views/order/new.html.erb

<%= worldpay_form_tag(002448, "#384838-4545", 1684.45, @worldpay_options) do %>
	<%= submit_tag 'Pay with Worldpay' %>
<% end %>

# these parameters are handled as follows:

# in lib/helpers.rb
# Worldpay::InstanceMethods

def worldpay_form_tag(installation_id, order_ref, amount, options = {})

	# installation_id is the installation ID from your worldpay environment
	# order_ref stores the order number - this is passed back by WorldPay in the payment response callback
	# amount is the money to charge (as a float) (you can set currency as :currency => "XYZ" in the options hash)
	# options - additional details to send to WorldPay

Handling Payment Notification Response

# in an example callback controller
# app/controllers/transaction_controller.rb
# set callback URL to

class TransactionController < ApplicationController

	# stop rails from throwing exception
	skip_before_filter :verify_authenticity_token

	def worldpay_callback
		# parse response parameters into new Worldpay::Rails::Response object
		notification =, request.raw_post)

		# find the relevant order from the db
		order = Order.find_by_reference(notification.order_ref)
		# validate callback by password from wp admin and valid order ref
		# callback password can be set in the WorldPay admin system
		if notification.is_authorized_by_callback_password?('password') and order
			# check payment response is valid
			# and transaction was successful
			if notification.success?
				if notification.currencies_match?('USD')
					# order is valid and has been paid for
					unless notification.amounts_match?(
						# order amount and amount paid for didn't match
					# payment received in different currency than expected
				# save order
				# deliver confirmation email to customer
			end # success?
		end # is_authorized_by_callback_password
    render :nothing => true


Copyright (c) 2008 Paul Springett [], released under the MIT license