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{-# LANGUAGE GADTs, KindSignatures, MultiParamTypeClasses, TypeFamilies, TypeOperators, TypeSynonymInstances, EmptyDataDecls, TemplateHaskell, FlexibleContexts, FlexibleInstances, FunctionalDependencies, ScopedTypeVariables, UndecidableInstances #-}
module CoreData2 where
import Basil hiding ((:*:))
import Basil.Data.TList.TH
import Data.Record.Label (mkLabels, label)
import Prelude hiding (log)
import Basil.Database.Relational.Interface
import Generics.Regular
import qualified Basil.Data.TList as T
import qualified Data.Set as S
import Control.Monad.Trans (lift)
data User = UserC {name :: String, password :: String, age :: Int} deriving (Show)
data Post = PostC {title :: String, body :: String} deriving (Show)
data Comment = CommentC {text :: String} deriving Show
data Tag = TagC {tag :: String} deriving Show
$(mkTList "Blog" [''User, ''Post, ''Comment, ''Tag])
type TAuthorPosts = Rel Blog One User Many Post
type TAuthorComments = Rel Blog One User Many Comment
type TPostComments = Rel Blog One Post Many Comment
$(mkTList "BlogRelationsEnum" [''TAuthorPosts, ''TAuthorComments, ''TPostComments])
$(mkLabels [''User, ''Post, ''Comment, ''Tag])
$(deriveAll ''User "PFUser")
type instance PF User = PFUser
$(deriveAll ''Post "PFPost")
type instance PF Post = PFPost
$(deriveAll ''Comment "PFComment")
type instance PF Comment = PFComment
$(deriveAll ''Tag "PFTag")
type instance PF Tag = PFTag
exampleUser :: String -> User
exampleUser n = UserC n "test" 24
examplePost :: Post
examplePost = PostC "fipo" "my first post"
exampleComment :: Comment
exampleComment = CommentC "a comment!"
-- example flow
example :: BasilDB Blog BlogRelationsEnum [(Ref Blog Post,Post)]
example = do createDatabase
let ref = Ref ixUser 1
user <- find ref
lift $ print $ user
-- new ixPost (examplePost {body = "hello, world"}) (PCons (authorP ref) PNil)
Just rels <- findRels DL ixTAuthorPosts (Ref ixUser 1)
mapM find $ S.toList rels
findAll ixPost
-- boilerplate, will be generated using quasiquoting.
authorP :: Ref Blog User -> (Ref Blog User, Dir R, Ix BlogRelationsEnum TAuthorPosts)
authorP x = (x, DR, Zero)
-- age_ = Attribute "age" age
instance ERModel Blog BlogRelationsEnum where
relations = TCons4 authorPosts
$ TCons4 authorComments
$ TCons4 postComments
$ TNil4
witnesses = WCons Zero (WCons (Suc Zero) (WCons (Suc (Suc Zero)) (WCons (Suc (Suc (Suc Zero))) WNil)))
-- ixAuthorPosts :: Ix BlogRelationsEnum TAuthorPosts
-- ixAuthorPosts = Zero
authorPosts :: TAuthorPosts
authorPosts = mkRelation ("author", One, ixUser) ("posts" , Many, ixPost)
authorComments :: TAuthorComments
authorComments = mkRelation ("author", One, ixUser) ("comments", Many, ixComment)
postComments :: TPostComments
postComments = mkRelation ("post" , One, ixPost) ("comments", Many, ixComment)
$(mkEqualities [''User, ''Post, ''Comment, ''Tag])