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A UIPickerView that pops up, just like the facebook app.
Objective-C Ruby
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CEPopupPickerView is a library that shows a UIPickerView at the bottom of the screen, just like the Facebook app. When the users taps outside the UIPickerView or taps the selected row, the popup dismisses and calls the delegate.


CEPopupPickerView is best installed via CocoaPods. Alternatively, you can drag the CEPopupPickerView/CEPopupPickerView.{h,m} files into your project.


Add an instance variable to your view controller to make sure you keep a reference:

CEPopupPickerView* popupPicker;

Put this somewhere in your view controller:

NSArray* values = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"Don", @"Peggy", @"Pete", nil];
popupPicker = [[CEPopupPickerView alloc] initWithValues:values callback:^(NSInteger selectedIndex) {
        NSLog(@"you chose: %@", [values objectAtIndex:selectedIndex]);
[popupPicker presentInView:self.view];

If you want to run an example, clone this project and open the XCode Project.

For now, the view only works in portrait mode on the iPhone, but patches for landscape mode are more than welcome. An iPad port isn't planned, as it is probably better to put a UIPickerView inside a UIPopover.


To run the tests, clone this project. Then run

    pod install CEPopupPickerView

This will generate a CEPopupPickerView.xcworkspace, which you can then open. Run the target "Integration Tests". The tests use KIF and can be found in the group CEPopupPickerViewIntegrationTests.

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