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This is an extended implementation of voxel server, which is a multiplayer server for voxel-engine. It shows how to implement a voxeljs game using express (specifically express3) with use registration and authentication.

The basic_auth.js file has an example of how to use express with the basicAuth middleware as an alternative.

You may code your own client implementation using voxel-client, or use this app's webapp.

This webapp uses everyauth for user registration and authentication. It stores username and gravitar data in a session cookie, which is passed on to the ws websocket server.

It also uses levelup to store the user registration.

Get it running on your machine

npm install

Run the start script:

npm start

This gets the server running on port 8080. It's using nodaemon to restart the server when there are changes. Edit .nodemonignore to ignore files.

This version uses browserify_express to browserify the js bundle, which is useful while developing. You may wish to generate a static version of this file (browserify demo.js >| bundle.js -d) and link to it in production.

The webapp is configured to let any username/password combination pass and does not persist the registrations yet.

You may view a voxel-client demo at Click the register link at the bottom of the Login page to register.

Sharing game settings

If the client sends an object with a settings property, it will use those settings when creating its game instance and will send those instances to other clients that connect.

If the client settings have the property "resetSettings", the server will switch to those. It deletes any game instance and clears the chunkCache.


background research: