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Git post-receive hook for Slack

This is a bash script that posts a message into your Slack channel when changes are pushed.

Hook this script into post-receive for your git repositories.

How to Install

Note: some git repositories may be "bare". You'll know if your repo is bare or not by checking for a .git folder where your repo lives.

Download git-slack-hook onto the server which hosts your git repo.

For bare repos, copy/rename it as /path/to/your/repo/hooks/post-receive.

For normal/non-bare repos, copy/rename it as /path/to/your/repo/.git/hooks/post-receive.

Finally, chmod +x post-receive to allow the script to be executed.


Add an Incoming WebHooks integration in your Slack by going to:

For a normal/non-bare repo, configure the webhook URL

git config hooks.slack.webhook-url ''

For a bare repo:

git config -f /path/to/your/repo/config hooks.slack.webhook-url ''


Specify a channel to post in Slack instead of the default:

git config '#general'

    '#channelname' - post to channel
    '@username' - direct message to user
    'groupname' - post to group

Specify a username to post as. If not specified, the default name incoming-webhook will be used:

git config hooks.slack.username 'git'

Specify an icon to display in Slack instead of the default:

git config hooks.slack.icon-url ''

Specify an emoji icon to display in Slack instead of the default:

git config hooks.slack.icon-emoji ':twisted_rightwards_arrows:'

Specify a repository nice name that will be shown in messages:

git config hooks.slack.repo-nice-name 'My Awesome Repository'

Specify whether you want to show only the last commit (or all) when pushing multiple commits:

git config true

Specify whether you want to show the body of the commit message as well as the title:

git config true

Specify if you want to send only certain branches:

git config hooks.slack.branch-regexp regexp

Linking to Changesets

When the following parameters are set, revision hashes will be turned into links to a web view of your repository.

git config hooks.slack.repos-root '/path/to/repos'
git config hooks.slack.changeset-url-pattern 'http://yourserver/%repo_path%/changeset/%rev_hash%'

For example, if your repository is in /usr/local/repos/myrepo, set repos_root to /usr/local/repos/ and set changeset_url_pattern to http://yourserver/%repo_path%/changeset/%rev_hash% or whatever.

Links can also be created that summarize a list of commits:

git config 'http://yourserver/%repo_path%/compare/%old_rev_hash%..%new_rev_hash%'


Git receive hook to notify Slack channels






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