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Fix invalid method call for strip_trailing_seperator in configuration #975

merged 1 commit into from 4 months ago

2 participants

Chris Campbell Chris Eppstein
Chris Campbell

Fix strip_trailing_seperator method call when adding custom configuration method.

Chris Eppstein

Not sure what this fixes since it doesn't have a test case.

Chris Campbell

Righto, I'll get on that.

Chris Eppstein chriseppstein merged commit af1892b into from December 04, 2013
Chris Eppstein chriseppstein closed this December 04, 2013
Chris Eppstein chriseppstein referenced this pull request from a commit December 04, 2013
Chris Eppstein Revert "Merge pull request #975 from dannymidnight/stable"
This reverts commit af1892b, reversing
changes made to 587c2e5.
Chris Eppstein

This was merged to master.

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  1. 2  lib/compass/configuration.rb
2  lib/compass/configuration.rb
@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ def comment_for_#{name}
74 74
       Data.send(:define_method, :"default_#{name}", &default) if default
75 75
76 76
       if name.to_s =~ /dir|path/
-        strip_trailing_separator(name)
+        Data.strip_trailing_separator(name)
78 78
79 79
80 80

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