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+Here's the things this project needs in order to make it decent:
+# Core Architecture
+## Tree Awareness
+The command line tool currently only operates on individual files, it should be able to accept
+a directory and recurse. It would assume the directory provided is the top level for an import
+## Manifest
+The tool should be able to build a manifest of files, constants, and mixins for use in creating
+a table of contents.
+## Output Formats
+Implement a visitor pattern that can visit a manifest, file, mixin, or constant and emit
+the correct output for it that matches a particular output format.
+This can be used for generating html, plain text, pdf, or whatever.
+## Templates and Layouts
+For at least the html generator, a user should be able to specify templates for the given
+type and a layout for files to add headers, footer, etc. It would be awesome if these were
+be written in haml, the stylesheets in Sass (using compass of course!) and then compiled into
+html and css.
+## Documentation Queries
+There should be a mode of operation where a user can request plain text documentation on the
+command line for a particular code artifact. It might look something like this:
+ $ sassdoc --compass -q +alternating-rows-and-columns path/to/project/sass/files
+ Mixin: +alternating-rows-and-columns(even_row_color, odd_row_color, dark_intersection[, header_color, footer_color])
+ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
+ Sets background colors for a table so that rows and columns alternate and are shaded
+ correctly.
+ Parameter: even_row_color
+ The color of even rows. Even rows must have the .even class on them
+ Parameter: odd_row_color
+ The color of odd rows. Odd rows must have the .odd class on them.
+ Parameter: dark_intersection
+ This color will be subracted from the row color for even columns.
+ Parameter: header_color (default value: white)
+ The color of the header.
+ Parameter: footer_color (default value: white)
+ The color of the footer.
+## Implementation of Core Architecture
+It's possible that much of this can be built on top of rdoc or some other code documentation tool
+by implementing a parser plugin. I'm open to that possibility but I think it's a long shot.
+# Implementation Details
+## CLI
+The CLI needs to be made more robust:
+* It should accept import paths like the sass CLI does.
+* Trap and report sass parser errors nicely.
+## Frames Suck
+Every code documentation tool uses framesets for it's output. This shouldn't be one of them. Frames blow because they make landing from a search engine a horrible experience. I like the [reference documentation used by Prototype]( I think we should shamelessly steal from them.
+## Real world examples
+We need some real projects to write documentation using SassDoc syntax and let us know what works, what doesn't, and what's missing.
+# Contributing
+Fork the main project and check in a change to the TODO file that indicates what you are working on.

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