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Three template files to hold both bash and PowerShell code in a single script file. And for fish and PowerShell.


Why Would You Do That!?


Hey, you came to this repo, why are you asking me?

I have mostly used these templates for environment setup – files that will be dot-sourced – , so that I can have the nearly-same commandline environment across machines and across bash/zsh/PowerShell.

It is helpful that the same . source syntax works in most shells, so these scripts can dot-source each other.




There are pros and cons to keeping bash and powershell versions of code. The alternative, of course, is to choose one shell and deploy it to all your target machines.

  • Write-once in powershell for all platforms is surely simpler. These templates are for when ensuring a common shell on all your target machines is less simple than maintaining dual-language scripts.

  • To run powershell scripts on a nix/linux/macOs environment, put
    #! /usr/bin/env pwsh as the first line of each of your scripts, and chmod them as executable. Remember the language you write scripts in doesn’t have to be the shell that you personally use.

  • Some very limited scripts can work identically on both platforms without duplication. See Onescriptforall.ps1 . Make this magic work by putting a shebang header for bash in the file, and giving it a .ps1 extension.  


Miscellaneous Comments

  • Yes, 2-languages-in-1 still results in 'duplicate' code. But I found that duplicate code in 1 file was surprisingly easier to reliably keep in synch than code in 2 files. Human nature.

  • Tip: if your editor lets you switch syntax, then switch between PowerShell and Bash highlighting for editing each section. Sublime Text makes this easy with the syntax button in the bottom right corner of the window.

  • Don't forget that to make anything executable in bash, you must chmod —e.g. chmod a+x script.ps1—to set the executable flag.

  • PowerShell is 30 years newer than bash. It shows.

  • Bash-first seems simpler than powershell-first.

  • See! It is possible to have PowerShell tab-completion for parameters working in a script file that also runs on bash.

  • Testing your cross-platform scripts on Windows? Windows Subsystem for Linux is ooooh very impressive. I used sudo ln -s`which powershell.exe`/usr/bin/pwsh for testing powershell-from-bash-on-linux-on-windows.


Hold both bash and PowerShell code in a single script file and/or make a PowerShell.ps1 script executable on windows, *nix, linux, macOs



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