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General performance improvements
- Both Mods:
+ Fixed minimap export breaking subsequent actions in the editor
+ Added owner chooser for new actors in the editor
+ Added actor info panel in the editor (doubleclick)
Added a Setup Default Players menu item to map editor
+ Both Mods:
Server lobbies upon creation use the previously played map
Added support for a Game.ConnectTo argument which allows clients to direct connect to a server when game is launched
Helicopters now bob slightly in flight
@@ -11,6 +14,9 @@ NEW:
Bots now maintain a level of aggro on enemy units
Made SpawnMPUnits' initial unit configurable
Added a dropdown list in the map editor for setting an actor's owner upon placement
+ Replaced the server browser with a new and awesome one
+ Fixed a bug where infantry squish sounds weren't positioned
+ Fixed a bug where actor priority wasn't correct for doubleclick
Red Alert:
Fixed a crash which occurred when playing an online game with Hard AI
@@ -22,6 +28,8 @@ NEW:
Added a Show Shellmap setting
Changed team color picker to match C&C's
Fixed a bug where infantry could not pass over anti-tank mines, and vice versa
+ Fixed a bug where the shellmap would reload unnecessarily when disconnecting from a lobby that hasn't started
+ Added AutoTarget capability to submarines, but they are set to HoldFire stance by default
New Map: Bombardment Islands (Sprog)
New Map: Engagement (Nukem)
New Map: Man to Man (Nukem)

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