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Design by Numbers for Racket

Design by Numbers (DBN) is both a language and a book by John Maeda that was created to help people who were artists and designers understand how to code and the purpose behind coding. The language itself is simple with very few commands in an effort to make it easy to remember the syntax.

Today, finding working versions of DBN can be challenging so we created a version that runs on top of the Racket ecosystem. To use this, you can download Racket ( and go to File | Package Manager. From here, you can download and install design-by-numbers (this repository) and you can use the language by putting #lang racket at the top of your file.

For example, your first program should look like the following:

#lang dbn
Paper 50

When you hit 'Run' in Dr. Racket, you should get a window that is filled with grey.