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Extending discounts types

Adding your own discount types is easy.

It is achived with subclassing discount.models.DiscountBase class and implementing process_cart_item or process_cart methods.


If client buy 5 or more items let the price for item be 10% lower.

Add this model:

from discount.models import DiscountBase

class BulkDiscount(DiscountBase):
    Apply ``amount`` % of discount if there are at least ``num_items`` of
    product in cart.
    amount = models.DecimalField(_('Amount'), max_digits=5, decimal_places=2)
    num_items = models.IntegerField(_('Minimum number of items'))

    def process_cart_item(self, cart_item):
        if (cart_item.quantity >= self.num_items and
            self.is_eligible_product(cart_item.product, cart_item.cart)):
            amount = (self.amount/100) * cart_item.line_subtotal
            to_append = (self.get_name(), amount)

Given that you registered BulkDiscount to django admin, editor would be able to set bulk discounts.

This code is implemented in :doc:`example_app`.

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