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Singer Discover Utility

Simply command line utility to take a Singer-specification JSON catalog file and select which streams and fields to include. Fields with "automatic" inclusion are included... er.. automatically.


pip install


Two ways of using this script.

First takes two filenames: input (--input, -i) and output (--output, -o). These can be the same

singer-discover --input catalog.json --output catalog.json

The second accepts the piped output of a tap in discover mode, making it a little more idiomatic with the rest of the Singer ecosystem.

tap-example --config config.json --discover | singer-discover -o catalog.json

NOTE: This uses a bit of a hack to allow the interactive interface to appear after the script has accepted input from stdin. It worked for me, but please let me know if you see errors. First method should work for all.

First select which streams to include

? Select Streams (<up>, <down> to move, <space> to select, <a> to toggle, <i> to invert)
> • stream_one
  ○ stream_two
  ○ stream_three

Hit enter. Then select the fields within each stream to include. Hit a to toggle select all. Automatically included fields are unselectable and annotated with (automatic)

? Select fields for stream: `stream_one` (<up>, <down> to move, <space> to select, <a> to toggle, <i> to invert)
> - id (automatic)
  • name
  ○ type
  ○ price

Hit enter, and the catalog file is updated with the field and stream selected properties updated.


A simple utility to edit Singer-spec schemas in the command line.




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