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This is a Singer tap that produces JSON-formatted data following the Singer spec.

This tap:

  • Pulls raw data from the Rakuten reporting API (access requires Rakuten account).
  • Rakuten reports are configured within Rakuten and then accessible via an API endpoint.
  • Outputs the schema for each report.
  • Backfills based on an initial start_date, which can be set globally or for each individual report. Afterwards, data is pulled incrementally based on the input state.


Rakuten provides a customizable reporting interface where reports can be created and configured out of a list of available fields. Each report is then made available as an API endpoint, where the data can be downloaded in CSV format for a given date range.

Because the schema of the report is configured within Rakuten itself, this tap dynamically builds a schema based on the column names returned from an initial call to the API.

Configuration File Format

  "region": "en",
  "token": "xxxxxxx",
  "date_type": "transaction",
  "start_date": "2019-01-01T00:00:00Z",
  "report_slug": "report-slug"

Additionally, the region should be set to how it appears in this URL - though{region}/reports/{report_slug}/filters?date_range=...

Discovery mode

This command returns a JSON that describes the schema of each table.

$ tap-rakuten --config config.json --discover

To save this to catalog.json:

$ tap-rakuten --config config.json --discover > catalog.json

Sync Mode

With an annotated catalog.json, the tap can be invoked in sync mode:

$ tap-rakuten --config config.json --catalog catalog.json

Messages are written to standard output following the Singer specification. The resultant stream of JSON data can be consumed by a Singer target.

Replication Methods and State File

Use the following command to pipe tap into your Singer target of choice and update the state file in one go.

tap-rakuten --config config.json --catalog catalog.json --state state.json | target > state.json.tmp && tail -1 state.json.tmp > state.json


A tap to export data from the Rakuten (LinkShare) reporting API.







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