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<?php /*
Copyright (c) ocProducts, 2004-2012
See text/EN/licence.txt for full licencing information.
Do not edit this file. If you need to make changes, save your changed file to the appropriate *_custom folder
**** If you ignore this advice, then your website upgrades (e.g. for bug fixes) will likely kill your changes ****
* @license Common Public Attribution License
* @copyright ocProducts Ltd
* @package core_abstract_interfaces
* Get the tempcode for a confirmation page.
* @param tempcode The title for the confirmation page (out of get_page_title)
* @param tempcode The preview that's being confirmed for actualisation
* @param ID_TEXT The URL type to confirm through to
* @param mixed The URL type if we click back OR a full URL (if long, or if tempcode)
* @param ?array A map of supplementary post data to get passed through upon confirmation (NULL: none)
* @param ?tempcode Form fields to pass through as post data on confirmation (NULL: none)
* @return tempcode The confirmation page
function form_confirm_screen($title,$preview,$url_type,$back_url_type,$sup_post=NULL,$fields=NULL)
if (is_null($sup_post)) $sup_post=array();
if ((is_string($back_url_type)) && (strlen($back_url_type)<10))
} else $back_url=$back_url_type;
if (is_null($fields)) $fields=new ocp_tempcode();
$fields->attach(build_keep_post_fields(array_keys($sup_post))); // Everything EXCEPT what might have been passed in sup_post
foreach ($sup_post as $key=>$val)
return do_template('FORM_CONFIRM_SCREEN',array('_GUID'=>'a99b861d24ab876a40cc010af2b26bc8','URL'=>$url,'BACK_URL'=>$back_url,'PREVIEW'=>$preview,'FIELDS'=>$fields,'TITLE'=>$title));
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