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Adds an option to the Privacy Settings page that allows you edit the content of your `robots.txt` file.
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WP Robots Txt

This is a single serving plugin that adds a field on the Reading Settings WordPress admin page which allows you to edit your robots.txt file contents.

WP Robots Txt


If you have a robots.txt file on your server, this plugins won't work. WordPress, in the server configuration it suggests by default, never overrides URLs that exist on your server. In other words, if robots.txt is on your server, WP will never even load -- Apache (or nginx or IIS) will serve that file directly.

Also, this plugin does not help you write valid a robots.txt file, nor will it alert you when you've written one that is invalid. That part is up to you.


I totally screwed up my robots.txt file. How can I restore the default version?

Delete all the content from the Robots.txt Content field and save the privacy options.

Could I accidently block all search bots with this?

Yes. Be careful! That said, robots.txt files are suggestions. They don't really block bots as much as they suggest that bots don't crawl portions of a site. That's why the options on the Privacy Settings page say "Ask search engines not to index this site."

Where can I learn more about robots.txt files?




  • Initial version


  • Cleaned up code
  • Moved to the settings field to the reading area
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